GRAB as a leading superapp in Indonesia together with OVO gave appreciation to tens of thousands of loyal partners in the form of money with a total of IDR20 billion in order to launch Grab Partner Day, a special event to celebrate Grab togetherness and solidarity with Indonesian driver-partners and merchants.

With the theme “Solidarity Forever” Grab inaugurated Grab Partner Day as an annual event. Grab is also the first ridehailing app and delivery platform to prepare a special day to honor its loyal partners.

“Grab Indonesia launched Grab Partner Day as a form of recognition and respect for the dedication and loyalty of driver and merchant partners. As an expression of appreciation, Grab and OVO handed over an appreciation of a total of IDR20 billion, which will be distributed proportionally to 80,000 driver-partners and 3,000 merchants who have worked together through the ups and downs of building Grab Indonesia and OVO,” said Country Managing Director of Grab. Indonesia Neneng Goenadi through her statement received in Jakarta.

Driver-partners who meet the requirements will receive an appreciation fund which is determined based on the number of trips that have been taken during the active period, with amounts ranging from IDR150 thousand, IDR500 thousand to IDR5 million per driver partner.

Meanwhile, thousands of eligible GrabFood food merchants get discounts of up to 3% of total sales based on their level of performance in terms of sales and according to terms and conditions.

The provision of appreciation funds for driver-partners and commission discounts for merchant partners is expected to help meet the needs of the families of partners, as well as boost income amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Karaniya Dharmasaputra as the President Director of OVO said that OVO’s support for Grab Partner Day is based on the same spirit.

“MSME driver partners and merchant partners play an important role in supporting people’s daily activities, especially in the midst of a pandemic like now. We dedicate this appreciation fund to all partners who are also loyal OVO users, with the hope of injecting new enthusiasm,” Karaniya remarked.

Grab Partner Day is part of the GrabForGood initiative as a long-term sustainable program aimed at Grab partners in Indonesia. [antaranews]