NARAYA Medical Center as a leading health service facility in the country continues to strive to demonstrate its commitment to supporting all government policies in increasing sensitivity to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Most recently, Naraya Medical Center has also become the main supporter of the Antigen Rapid Test (RT) activity for national media colleagues who are members of the Media Crew Association (HAM) who carry out a road trip from Jakarta to Semarang from 22-24 November 2021, as well as to celebrate its 14th anniversary.

As stated by the President Director of Naraya Medical Center, dr. David J. Siswanto said that the collaboration and support carried out by Naraya Medical Center for media partners who are members of HAM is solely to support the COVID-19 tracing process carried out by the government as well as to establish good relations with the mass media.

“We are well aware of the efforts and hard work made by the government in order to carry out COVID-19 tracing in the country, this is also what finally prompted us at Naraya Medical Center to establish cooperation and collaboration with mass media partners who are members of the Media Crew Association (HAM) in providing Rapid Antigen Test for free to media partners before they start a road trip from Jakarta to Semarang,” he said.

Dr. David also underlined that the role of media partners in this pandemic condition is very important in disseminating health protocols, policies and as a reminder to the public about the dangers of COVID-19 and how to deal with it.

“We recognize that the role of media partners is very important, especially when we are all still haunted by COVID-19. We believe that the media is one of the foremost frontlines for the government in carrying out socialization related to COVID-19 to the community,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, continued dr. David J. Siswanto said that spoke about Naraya Medical Center’s commitment in supporting government policies and efforts. For us at Naraya Medical Center, healthcare is not about price but about accuracy and integrity.

“All of our activities rely on appropriate service standards for the benefit of the people. We believe that the government always makes decisions based on the interests and benefits of all parties, both for the community and even health workers. Therefore, Naraya Medical Center is always ready to stand for the Nation and the State according to the official regulations that have been set,” he underlined.

The Media Crew Association (HAM) roadtrip took place for three days in Semarang and Banaran, so to return to Jakarta, participants also underwent a Rapid Antigen Test at Naraya Medical Center Semarang, located on Jalan MT. Haryono No. 822 Karang Kidul Semarang, Central Java. []