AIR POLUTION is still the number one environmental health problem, especially in dense cities like Jakarta. Nevertheless, HARRIS Vertu and YELLO Hotels Harmoni do not stop to seek the best solutions and provide added value for their guests.

In view of the poor air quality, HARRIS Vertu and YELLO Hotels Harmoni have carried out the process of improving air conditions to optimize the air quality inside the building through an Air Quality Meter. Now meeting and conference participants can rest easy knowing they are sure to be in a “best air quality” environment.

Before the meeting starts, the service team will come to take a reading and provide air quality assurance. This tool provides a broad spectrum of air quality indicators (such as CO2, pollutants, humidity levels, dust particles per m2).

According to Devi, the organizer of the recent meeting said, I was really surprised when suddenly the staff came and showed me the air quality reader. It’s fantastic that this hotel cares so much about their clients. Me and my colleagues really appreciate it and we will recommend this hotel to our friends and colleagues.

This Air Quality Meter and various other equipment (such as robotic floor cleaners and other system integrations) are indicators of the progress and passion of HARRIS Vertu and YELLO Hotels Harmoni to become a SMART hotel.

Meanwhile, Christoph Voegeli, General Manager of HARRIS Vertu & Yello Hotels Harmoni said that our staff had received many comments and some guests even gave special thanks. This is a huge boost for our staff and management team to continue our SMART hotel strategy. []