INDEED, not just a place to stay, some of the most expensive hotels in the world offer luxurious facilities for an experience that is second to none. Some interesting experiences that visitors can experience, such as bungalows above a pool of water, lodging in the middle of the forest, to rooms in the desert.

Despite having fantastic prices, these inns still have their own customers. Well, curious, what are the most expensive hotels in the world? Quoting from Travel + Leisure, here’s the list:

1. Jumby Bay Island-Oetker Collection Hotel, Antigua
First on the list is Jumby Bay Island, part of the Oetker Collection Hotel. This luxury inn is located in Antigua, an island between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Jumby Bay Island in Antigua is home to 28 suites and 14 villas ranging in size from 102-sqm for one bedroom, to 390-sqm with four bedrooms. Located on an area of ​​300 hectares, there are 22 residences, including a nine-bedroom building that occupies 10 hectares of land. Not only that, this inn is equipped with a tennis court and a private dock.

Among the inns, visitors can find seven restaurants and bars, three swimming pools, a spa, and several beaches. In January 2022, the price for a mid-level suite here is around US$6,900 or IDR98 million per night.

2. Soneva Jani, Maldives
Maldives is known as a very beautiful island nation. Hotel Soneva Jani also offers that beauty. There are seven room categories, namely a four-bedroom overwater villa, a special wine cellar, a water slide, and two bedrooms hidden in the mangroves.

Soneva Jani’s simplest type of room is a 411-square-meter two-story bungalow over the water. Not only luxurious rooms, hotel guests can enjoy various attractions, such as surfing, spas, watching movies at the Private Cinema Paradiso, and swimming with turtles. Meanwhile, the price for the mid-level suite of Soneva Jani in January 2022 starts from US$6,130 or around IDR87 million per night.

3. One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, Rwanda
Rwanda is a land of a thousand hills in East Africa. Among these hills, there is a luxury inn called One&Only Gorilla’s Nest. Located at the edge of the Volcanoes National Park, resort guests can witness firsthand the mountain gorillas that inhabit the forest.

Apart from the unique experience of seeing gorillas, the facilities offered by One&Only Gorilla’s Nest are extraordinary. There are 21 private rooms and suites in eucalyptus-covered greenery. One of them is the 408-sqm Silverback Suite with a private pool and terraced terrace. Plus, a restaurant, bar and spa facility with a swimming pool overlooking the rainforest and volcano.

Prices for mid-level suites in January 2022 start at US$6,000 per night. Please note that although the price includes all food and drinks, as well as two activities, this price does not include a gorilla trekking permit. Especially looking at the gorillas, the cost is US$1,500 or IDR21 million per person.

4. Kokomo Private Island, Fiji
Kokomo Private Island Fiji is a paradise in itself on the Great Astrolabe Reef, set apart from other Fijian resorts. If you want to rent a full island with a capacity of up to 40 guests, the cost is US$65,000 or almost IDR930 million.

However, of course most visitors choose to book only one room from the existing 25 villas. The cost to stay in a mid-range villa in January 2022 here is US$5,500 or IDR78 million per night. Whichever accommodation the visitor chooses, the price includes all meals (no alcoholic beverages), non-motorized water sports and a 45-minute spa treatment or scuba diving excursion for one adult.

5. Al Maha, Dubai
Drive about an hour from the skyscrapers of Dubai you will find this place. Al Maha is a luxury resort and spa that offers a unique sensation of staying in the desert. Guests will be housed in one of 42 tented villas containing one to three bedrooms, each with a private pool.

The interesting thing is that resort guests can stay overnight while seeing various typical desert animals such as deer and camels crossing the villa. How much does this unique room cost? Prices for mid-level suites in January 2022 start at US$5,200 per night.

This fee includes food and drinks in the form of tea or cocktails. There is also a private dinner at the dunes which can be specially ordered. [ special]