NAMED ‘Peaceful Soul’ for the serenity of its setting in Central Java’s cultural heartland, Amanjiwo is a hidden jewel for those seeking a restful retreat to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with loved ones and one’s inner self.

Inspired by the rich spiritual culture of Java, the resort is delighted to introduce the Candra Kirana Celebration, a series of two-night spiritual-wellness experiences hosted by renowned spiritual and cultural practitioners Joko Triagung, Sugeng Karyanto and the resort’s own Resident Anthropologist, Patrick Vanhoebrouck. These experiences take inspiration from the commemoration of the full moon day or known as purnama, a holy day that is showered with an abundance of blessings.

Commencing from 16-18 January 2022, guests are invited to join in a curated journey, immersing themselves in captivating cultural experiences, fascinating spiritual wellness sessions and inspiring lectures on the history of Shiva Buddha Tantra, as well as participating in a ‘Pradakshina’ ceremony during the day of purnama.

Both guests and non-residents have the option to take part in one of the activities of the retreat or join the entire two-day itinerary. The spiritual wellness experience at Amanjiwo will continue throughout the year, held every quarter for guests to take part in. The Candra Kirana Celebration in May 2022 will coincide with the celebration of Vesak Day, and the celebration in October 2022 will be in conjunction with the second Celebration of Ancient Wisdom. These events are curated in a special three-night spiritual-wellness experiences for a more elevated holistic journey into one’s self-healing.

Spiritual Nourishment
Meaning Beautiful Moon in Javanese language, the Candra Kirana Celebration commences with the presence of monks at the lobby of Amanjiwo who chant gracefully to show devotion to the Buddhist teachings. In the evening, guests are invited to become entrenched in the stories and history of the famed temple of Borobudur during an engaging session with Patrick Vanhoebrouck and continue the night with a dinner at Pak Bilal’s House for an enchanting glimpse of Javanese rural life while absorbing the authentic aromas of Java as a traditional menu is prepared over charcoal burners.

The day of purnama on the second day begins in the morning with a walk around the Borobudur temple known as ‘Pradakshina’, led by the monks from Veluvana Vihara exclusively for Amanjiwo and followed by the releasing of white doves, an honour to the traditional Buddhist ritual. Back at the resort, take in the views over the rice fields to Borobudur and volcano-fringed horizon while indulging in a sumptuous breakfast at The Restaurant.

After lunch, guests can join a meditation session, Tapa Brata, with Joko Triagung and Patrick Vanhoebrouck, at Goa Kiskendo in the Menoreh Hills, comprising hermitage sites maintained by the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. Alternatively, guests can choose to book a 90-minute Javanese healing session with Sugeng Karyanto, a Javanese spiritual practitioner of the ancient lineage of Jawadwipa, the supposed original spirituality of Java.

The journey continues in the evening with Purnama Siddhi meditation by the tranquil main pool led by Patrick Vanhoebrouck and Sugeng Karyanto to prepare for a restful night under the full moon in the suites of Amanjiwo.

On the final day, a guided ruwatan, a purification ritual, with Joko Triagung is available at the river area for guests to complete the tranquil self-healing retreat before starting the day with Progo Picnic for a solitude breakfast at the banks of Progo River.

Patrick Vanhoebrouck – Resident Anthropologist
Patrick Vanhoebrouck is Amanjiwo’s Resident Anthropologist who has a BA in Anthropology from The University of Chicago (USA) and a Masters in Cultural Anthropology from Leiden University (Netherlands). Patrick specializes in Javanese culture and spirituality.

Having spent nearly 15 years in residence in Yogyakarta Province, he has accumulated specialist knowledge in various aspects of the spirituality, culture, history and ancient literature of Java, immersing himself in ancient sources to help explain the contemporary manifestations of traditional and authentic Javanese culture and practices.

Joko Triagung, Master of Kebatinan
A renowned healer-shaman in Yogyakarta City and Province, Joko Triagung is a master of kebatinan (inner-directed, mystical spirituality) with a focus on tenaga dalam (inner power, prana, chi). He draws on a number of spiritual practices called Kejawen (outer-directed, esoteric practices or Javanism, which forms an intricate and inextricable part of contemporary Javanese), Hindu-Buddhist values and practices, including Tantrism, as well as occult sciences similar to Mystic Sufism.

His therapeutic approach depends on the needs of each individual guest and can incorporate herbal mixtures of plants (jamu), energy healing (prana) or invocations of forces via familiar spirits.

Sugeng Karyanto – Spiritual Practitioner
Sugeng Karyanto calls himself a Javanese spiritual practitioner of the ancient lineage of Jawadwipa – the supposed original spirituality of Java. His practices are derived from forms of Hindu and Buddhist Dharma and Tantrism. He is often asked to guide sacred pilgrimages to the nearby Lawu Volcano and lead local purifications.

Sugeng has access to some extremely sacred sites around the Lawu Volcano specifically, and Hindu Buddhist shrines across all of Java in general. He is believed to have an ability to heal from a distance, as well as a proficiency for clairvoyance and future predictions. []