THERE ARE a number of recommendations for tourist destinations that are worth revisiting in 2022, which are your choice of tourist destinations with relatives and family, here is the list:

Malalayang Beach, Manado
This beach, which is located at the southern tip of the city of Manado, North Sulawesi, is one of ten zones that are included as New Bali in 2020.

Malalayang Beach is famous for the charm of its underwater garden that is still awake, where many rare fish endemics to Manado can still be found in these coastal waters.

The natural charm of the surroundings is no less beautiful, there are many photo spots that can color your social media. With the beach waves still calm, this beach is a suitable destination for resting for tourists.

Golden City area, Batam
The area, which is located in the Bengkong area, Batam City, Riau Islands, has many interesting destinations that can be visited. One of them is the Cheng Ho Mosque which is unique because it has Chinese-style architecture.

In addition, there are many other interesting tours such as Dino’s Gate and Golden Prawn Beach Park which are suitable for having fun with family and relatives.

Punti Kayu Nature Park, Palembang
This natural tourist spot, located in the middle of Palembang, South Sumatra, is one of the largest inner-city pine forests in Indonesia.

Here, travelers can enjoy the natural feel of the pine forest to take a break from the city, or just have fun with the family. This natural park also provides many challenging entertainments such as off-road tracking and flying fox.

Siak River, Pekanbaru
The river that stretches across the city of Pekanbaru is the origin of the city. This river is very beautiful, especially when it is day and night, where many people are active to enjoy the evening sky along the river, by eating a variety of culinary offerings, or by taking a river tour by boat in the pier area.

Currently, various revitalizations are carried out in the Siak river area to maintain the beauty of the river.

Equator Monument, Pontianak
Also known as the Equator Monument, this monument is located on Jalan Khatulistiwa, North Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province.

The Equator Monument is the location of the Culmination of the Sun every March 21-23 and September 21-23. When this phenomenon takes place, the sun is directly above the equator and the shadow of the monument will “disappear” for a few seconds despite the sun’s rays.

Graha Indah Mangrove Center, Balikpapan
As we know, Mangrove Forests have an important role in maintaining the balance of the environment around the coast.

Balikpapan City has the Graha Indah Mangrove Center, which is the best place to learn about the function and role of the Mangrove Forest.

This educational nature tour is located not far from the city center, making it easy to visit. The main attraction when visiting the Graha Indah Mangrove Center is the boat facility that can be used to go down the Somber River. We can also see some endemic animals of Kalimantan, namely Proboscis monkeys and various types of mangrove trees. [sources/photo special]