BIG CITIES and tourist favorites are back in favor for travel this Lunar New Year as travelers head to tourist hotspots to ring in the year of the Tiger, according to booking data from digital travel platform, Agoda.

Asia wide, the data shows metropolitans and capital cities as top destination choices, including Shanghai (#1 China), Tokyo (#1 Japan), Kuala Lumpur (#1 Malaysia), Manila (#1 Philippines), Bangkok (#1 Thailand). While in other markets, classic resort destinations are travelers’ top picks, including Bali (#1 Indonesia), Jeju Island (#1 Korea), Taichung (# Taiwan), Phu Quoc Island (#1 Vietnam).

Agoda’s data continues to see trends of emerging destinations across multiple markets as travelers primarily continue to stick to domestic travel and to explore their own ‘backyard’.

New to this year’s top eight most popular destination lists are Berastagi (#6 Indonesia) and Hongcheon-gun (#5 Korea) which boast their great escape to nature. Nantou with stunning mountain and lake comes in at #8 in Taiwan’s list.

Coastal city Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh) rounds out Vietnam’s top eight list. In Malaysia, seaside Kota Kinabalu re-joins the ranks at #7 and gateway to Malaysia, Johor Bahru at #8. Travelers from China, Malaysia, and Vietnam maintain their preference for 4-5star accommodation, followed by 1-3.5 star and non-hotel accommodation.

Korean and Thai travelers are upgrading their stay this year to a more upscale accommodation (4-5 star). Travelers from Japan and Taiwan continue to opt for budget accommodation (1-3.5 star). While Indonesian travelers this year saw a shift from 4-5 star to 1-3.5 star.

As international travel picks up travelers you can check out to find out the latest border or quarantine restrictions. []