CHINESE New Year celebration dishes are always synonymous with luck, longevity and prosperity, this applies not only to the main meal but also to the snacks.

During the Chinese New Year celebrations, each family will prepare a variety of snacks and fruits, both for the family and guests. This snack is not only a complement when talking but also has its own meaning or symbol for the new year.

Quoted by China Highlights, here are seven Chinese New Year snacks that are commonly found during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Red Dates
Red is a lucky color in China which means prosperity. Red dates are always present in joyous occasions including festivals, wedding ceremonies, housewarming parties and the one-month anniversary of a baby’s life.

As a Chinese New Year snack, red dates are served as dried fruit. You can eat it straight or cut it into tea. Red dates are a symbol for wealth and prosperity.

Peanuts are also called “longevity beans” which symbolize vitality, longevity, wealth and honor. As a Chinese New Year snack, peanuts are always served skinless.

There are many ways to cook peanuts, such as boiling them in water or brine and frying them. Peanuts are a nutritious food and can be eaten raw. The Chinese believe that eating it raw is better.

Dried Longan
Dried longan symbolizes reunion. It is a top Chinese New Year snack because of its implied meaning. Traditional Chinese medicine says that eating dried longan can nourish one’s vitality. Usually, dried longan is served without skin. You can eat the meat directly or to make tea.

Sunflower seed
In traditional Chinese culture, sunflower seeds symbolize being blessed with many children and grandchildren.

Candy symbolizes a sweet life. They are an indispensable snack for the Chinese New Year. Eating sweets represents a sweet occurrence or getting a sweet start in the coming year. Some sweets are usually packaged in gold boxes in the shape of lucky numbers or yuanbao (ancient Chinese currency) which symbolize wealth.

Sesame seed balls or dumplings
Onde-onde is a type of fried food made from glutinous rice flour filled with red bean paste, rolled in white sesame seeds, and fried. They are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Onde-onde symbolizes determination and gratitude towards the Creator.

Ropes cake or untir-untir
This fried food is a little tougher than onde-onde. Ropes cake has a meaning as a reunion. [antaranews]