UBUD Food Festival returns this June and is thrilled to share the full line-up of its program. An extravaganza of delicious events, outstanding chefs and culinary heroes from Indonesia and beyond, with next-level discussions and activities.

According to Janet DeNeefe, Founder and Director of the Festival said from the 24th to the 26th of June, the Ubud Food Festival (UFF) returns to Taman Kuliner in a rebuild-Bali initiative to celebrate recovery from the pandemic. Over three days, there will be feasting, cooking, discussions, workshops, live music and film adding up to an extraordinary culinary, cultural experience.

“A smorgasbord of spice-laden diverse flavours will be dished up from across the archipelago, as well as, new taste innovations and creations.  We have an action-packed program spread across three food-fuelled days”, said Janet DeNeefe.

She explained that with our much-anticipated return, we’ve rounded up the best chefs, hunted down our food heroes, sought out artisan producers, food writers and farmers, to dazzle you with the most exciting festival to date.

“In line with this year’s theme, Heroes, UFF brings together local culinary maestros with acclaimed chefs in a host of exciting special events. UFF pays homage to William Wongso, with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his devotion to the cuisine of Indonesia. One of Indonesia’s top social-eco entrepreneurs, Helianti Hilman, presents a unique Indonesian feast inspired by the Borobudur relief while discussing her research on this gastronomic heritage project,” she remarked.

Janet DeNeefe concluded that we believe it’s important to shine a light on great initiatives and offerings from our friends in the culinary industries. We are proud to lead the recovery efforts to promote

Indonesia as a premier food destination. We can’t wait to feast with our festival lovers this year. []