THE INDONESIAN government is trying to continue to increase the number of flights to Lake Toba, North Sumatra. This is one of the things done to develop tourism in the Lake Toba area.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno said that to reach Lake Toba, we could fly to the nearest airport, namely Silangit International Airport or Sibisa Airport. In addition to the addition of flights, other things that are being pursued are the construction of hotels and the implementation of F1 H2O.

“Regarding the development of super priority (destinations) we continue to improve with several breakthroughs, such as direct flights where AirAsia has committed to adding flights to Silangit and Kualanamu Airports, as well as several other airlines such as Lion Air which will also add flights here,” said Sandiaga.

He explained, along with the increase in the number of flights, the availability of seats also increased. Therefore, I hope that the price of air tickets to and from Lake Toba in the future will be more affordable.

“That way, a trip to Lake Toba can give a positive impression for everyone who goes through it, including foreign tourists. A number of prepared efforts, including building several new accommodations and organizing F1 H2O, are also expected to support the economy in the Lake Toba area,” he said.

Sandiaga added, F1 H2O itself is an international event that will be attended by many people from various parts of the world. So, it is hoped that it will attract more tourists. This is in accordance with our target of creating quality and sustainable tourism. [ special]