GARUDA Indonesia operates 12 additional flights to Tomohon, North Sulawesi to support the 2022 Tomohon International Flower Festival (TIFF) on August 8-14, 2022. The twelve flights will operate for 13 days, from August 3-15, 2022.

With schedules on Wednesday (3 and 10 August), Saturday (6 and 13 August), and Monday (8 and 15 August). The flights will be served by Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft with a capacity of 162 passengers.

“All these additional flights will complement the regular Jakarta-Manado (GA-600) and Manado-Jakarta (GA-601) flights which are served once per day,” said Garuda Indonesia President Director Irfan Setiaputra in his official statement, Wednesday (8/3).

Garuda Indonesia Jakarta-Tomohon Schedule round-trip
The following is the Garuda Indonesia flight schedule for the Jakarta-Tomohon route available: On Wednesday, flight number GA-6064 departs from Jakarta at 09.00 WIB and is scheduled to arrive in Manado at 13.25 WITA.

The aircraft with flight number GA-6074 will depart again from Manado at 14:10 WITA and is scheduled to land in Jakarta at 16:20 WIB. Additional flights on Monday and Saturday, flight number GA-6064 will depart at around 09.00 WIB from Jakarta.

Then, it is scheduled to arrive in Manado at 13.25 WITA. The Manado-Jakarta flight with flight number GA-607 will depart again at 14.10 WITA. Then scheduled to land in Jakarta at 16.20 WIB.

Irfan Setiaputra said the operation of the Jakarta-Manado (round-trip) extra flight was a form of Garuda’s contribution to the post-pandemic national economic recovery, particularly through the tourism sector.

“We hope that this Garuda Indonesia initiative in the future can increase the tourist attraction of Tomohon and can contribute positively to our tourism development and become an accelerator for regional and national economic recovery,” Irfan concluded. [sources/photo special]