ENJOYING nature while doing healing, gateway or just an ordinary excursion is commonplace. But what if while on a trip, you can enjoy the ripe fruit of the land just picked to enjoy snorkeling to see marine life that is rarely found?

All of this can be found in Australia, where the natural beauty that spoils your eyes can be accompanied by activities that also indulge your senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing and even make you feel calmer.

Tourism Australia’s South and Southeast Asia regional general manager Brent Anderson said in a statement on Saturday that what Australia’s nature has to offer is simply incomparable, especially in the variety of activities on offer.

“One day you can snorkel with rare marine life and the next, stargaze in a cabin hidden in Australia’s natural beauty,” he said.

Vacationing in Australia is also an opportunity to share local values ​​such as a love for nature and wildlife, as well as a sense of adventure and living in the great outdoors, explains Anderson.

The following are a number of activities in Australia that you can enjoy in October.:

Fine Vines Festival (Margaret River, Western Australia)
The Fine Vines Festival brings together a selection of more than 30 unique events that have been curated to showcase the quality and variety of Margaret River’s premium wine offerings.

For wine lovers and non-alcoholics alike, Fine Vines invites tourists to explore every corner of the Margaret River Wine Region not only through exclusive tastings at the wine museum, but also tours, dining experiences, masterclasses, garden parties and more.

Kakadu Bird Week (Kakadu, Northern Territory)
From tours and workshops to cruises, Kakadu Bird Week is a bird lover’s paradise where visitors can discover and learn all things bird in Kakadu National Park, home to more than a third of Australia’s bird species.

At Kakadu National Park, visitors can see not only bird life, but also various other exotic animals such as crocodiles, buffalo, horses, and wallabies.

Canberra Art Biennial (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory)
This art festival in Canberra, held every two years, offers visitors a unique opportunity to hear and understand the complexities of Canberra’s history through art.

Artists will draw inspiration from Canberra, represented by Australia’s physical, political and cultural history.

Tasman Long Weekend (Hobart/Nipaluna, Tasmania)
This newly launched immersive trip will span three days, where visitors will be taken to the Tasman Peninsula on a private boat, then spend three days on a nature adventure (with a guide) near the iconic Three Capes Track.

Visitors can rest for the night on an eco beach that is so isolated, enjoy a meal full of local ingredients prepared by a professional chef, and wake up every morning with a beautiful view of Tasman Island.

3 Island Snorkel, Wildlife and Seafood Cruise (Perth/Boorloo, Western Australia)
Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and marine life through the 3 Island Snorkel, Wildlife, and Seafood Cruise guided by Perth Wildlife Encounters. With snorkeling equipment and lessons provided, this experience will take visitors to the best places to snorkel in the beautiful Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Maybe you’ll be the lucky one to see bottlenose dolphins, Australian sea lions, and a variety of coastal birds.

Museum of Play and Art (Melbourne/Narrm, Victoria)
The Museum of Play and Art (MoPA) opens its second location in Victoria. Every week, MoPA hosts a variety of immersive shows and experiences that will keep kids and adults alike all day long. [antaranews/photo special]