AT A TIME when the world has shifted to a more flexible, remote-working approach, employees and employers alike rely on in-person meetings to create real and genuine human connections within the workplace.

Company culture is also created when having shared experiences with colleagues, like when exploring a new city and deepening your appreciation and understanding of the world, together.

With this in mind, the team at Institute of Business Travel Management (IBTM) have crunched the numbers and found out which cities around the world are the ‘most cultural’, helping to narrow down the options for anyone planning an international meeting where culture is at the forefront.

The leading global event for the meetings, incentives, conferences and events industry will actually be focusing on ‘creating culture’ as its 2022 theme and are looking at how destinations around the world use their unique cultures to inspire and elevate events.

Here the most cultural cities for international meetings: (1). New York City, USA, (2). Paris, France, (3). London, UK, (4). Berlin, Germany, (5). Tokyo, Japan, (6). Amsterdam, Netherlands, (6). Milan, Italy, (8) Rome, Italy, (9) Vienna, Austria, (10). San Francisco, USA.

Using cities from the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) 2021 ’50 best destinations’ list and the ‘most attended destinations’ in the 2019 ICCA report, the IBTM team analysed each destination across a range of cultural factors: UNESCO World Heritage Sites, museums, Michelin Guide restaurants, art galleries, theatres, architectural buildings and pieces of street art. [TDmedia/photo special]