THE FIFTH edition of Art Moments Jakarta (AMJ), one of the country’s biggest art fairs of three days (4-6 November 2022) event returned to its original venue officially and which was opened on Friday afternoon, (11/4) at the Grand Ballroom of Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City and Gandaria City Hall.

According to Sendy Widjaja, Co-Founder and Fair Director of Art Moments Jakarta, said the fifth edition of Art Moments Jakarta marks the return of the art fair to the bigger venue as a big-scale art event. The first Art Moments Jakarta was held at the same hotel ballroom before continuing its second, third, and fourth editions in the hybrid format (a combination of online and small-scale offline events) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After a long wait, we are back as one of the leading art fairs in Indonesia. Art Moments Jakarta 2022 thrives to be the best in providing fresh concepts on programs as well as creating strong opportunities for networking platforms amongst galleries, artists, collectors and art enthusiasts. This year, we will feature Fine Art, Modern Art, Traditional Art and Contemporary Art from Indonesian and international artists and galleries, also Digital Art and NFTs,” said Sendy.

The fifth Art Moments Jakarta, he continued highlights several artists from 40 art galleries from Southeast Asia and beyond display their art collections and highlight several artists such as Miwa Komatsu, Andrey Ostashov, Made Wianta, Handrio, and Nyoman Nuarta. Celebrating the uprising of NFT art, Art Moments Jakarta also highlights digital art artists like Arya Mularama – Indonesia, Diela Maharanie – Indonesia, Tommy Chandra – Indonesia, Sarisa Kojima – Thailand, Marion Olmillo – Philippines, Hamlatul Arsy – Brunei.

Sendy added that every day, with faith and knowledge, we advance toward futures as meaningful as our pasts. Art is our companion. When beautiful, they bring delight, but when disconcerting, they demand introspection. We are determined believers of moments lived. Our journeys are empowered by the kaleidoscopic reflection of ideas.

Meanwhile, TZ APAC Head of Marketing Jivan Tulsiani said, Southeast Asian and Indonesian artists are actively embracing digital artworks in the form of NFTs, which have enabled them to reach new audiences, be fairly compensated for their artwork and be positive changemakers for their communities.

“We look forward to celebrating the spirit of innovation in today’s art space at Art Moments Jakarta. The Tezos exhibition welcomes everyone keen on enjoying the creations of some of the region’s top artists in the Tezos ecosystem, collecting a memorable NFT and understanding more about the medium,” he concluded.

Joining at the opening ceremony on stage as keynote speakers are Khai Hori, I Ketut Alam Wangsawijaya, Executive Vice President Transaction Business Development BCA; Jivan Tulsiani, Head of Marketing TZ – APAC, and Munwar Basha, General Manager Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel. []