BETWEEN the majestic cliffs of Melasti and the endless stretch of the pristine Southern Bali’s coastline, lies the hidden paradise: White Rock Beach Club—the newest and the freshest lifestyle destination in Bali which has been prepared to be that ‘one and only’ answer to what’s been sought after by the modern leisure seekers.

According to Bojan Petrovic, general manager of White Rock Beach Club said situated on not less than 7.500 square meters of shore ground, White Rock Beach Club proudly established itself as the best beachfront beach club in Southern Bali offering the best combination of island life and style. It offers not only the carefully curated live music performances, the massive outdoor space to hold any kind of music festivals and performances, but also reserves the 10 luxurious Party Suites which are built with the most updated technology.

“Extending the excitement and enjoyment of a great venue and world-class entertainment, each unit of the luxury Party Suites features high-tech audio equipment that connects the live music and DJ performances from the stage into the suite, plus a karaoke equipment to enjoy a sing-along moment with friends. Private parties, small-group gatherings, intimate birthday parties or after-party will surely find its best home at White Rock Beach Club,” he said.

He explained that it preserves the pride of Balinese culture which also blends in an avant-garde architecture and design to enhance and appreciate the present-day of living and style. Powered by the state-of-the-art visuals, lighting design and audio technology, every guest is assured to gain an incomparable experience when relaxing and having fun with friends and family.

There are 900 pax seating capacity divided into various seating spots starting from Single beds, Double beds, Sofa beds, Lagoon beds, Party beds, VIP Cabana with private pool, Sunset lounge, White Rock bar, Lounge bar and Pool bar to choices of dining table at the restaurants.

Everything is centred by the main stage and the bar overlooks the breath-taking view of the ocean, the whole property covers up to 3000+ pax, which practically makes White Rock the perfect answer when it comes to big events. That also counts the big parking capacity to accommodate starts from a large number of cars to big buses.

“We are excited to offer an elevated experience and perfect entertainment getaway powered by the state-of-the-art visuals, lighting design and audio technology. Our guests will also be pleased to enjoy good music and vibe with 5-star quality, delectable menus and whimsical cocktails. Choices of Western and Asian light bites, main courses and desserts will also enhance the excitement,” Bojan Petrovic concluded. []