THE WORLD of tourism is now getting back on track as travel regulations are loosened due to COVID-19.

Travel and lifestyle platform promotion week in Southeast Asia, Traveloka, namely “Traveloka Travel Fair 11.11” which took place on 4-11 November 2022, noted that nearly one million people have participated in this event. Nearly one million people are planning end-of-2022 trips for both domestic and international destinations.

“With global conditions recovering from the pandemic, the interest in traveling is getting stronger. Throughout this year we have heard the term revenge travel where people around the world have a strong desire to return to travel, as well as the people of Indonesia,” said Shirley Lesmana, Chief Marketing Officer, Traveloka in a press release on Monday (11/21).

She explained, not only for domestic destinations, Traveloka consumers, said Shirley, are also eyeing international destinations.

“We are very grateful for the enthusiasm of consumers for the “Travel Fair 11.11” in welcoming the year-end holidays with Traveloka. For this reason, Traveloka will continue to be committed to always being at the forefront of presenting the right solutions for consumers to plan trips more easily, both for destinations in at home and abroad,” he said.

Based on data from the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) states that international tourism is showing a strong recovery. A total of 474 million tourists traveled internationally between January and July 2022, compared to the same period in 2021 with a total of 175 million tourists.

In Indonesia, the Christmas and New Year holiday periods, along with the school holidays at the end of the year, are often used by the public as a holiday moment. This is reflected in government data which states that the potential for community mobility ahead of Christmas & New Year 2022/2023 is predicted to reach 22.4% of the total national population.

The surge in public interest for year-end vacations also contributed to the success of the “Traveloka Travel Fair 11.11”. Traveloka notes that public interest in domestic and international destinations continues to grow, especially in destinations in Southeast Asia.

This is evidenced by the increasing public interest which grew by 40% to travel to favorite international destinations, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Australia during the “Traveloka Travel Fair” period. 11.11″ compared to the usual period.

Several of Indonesia’s neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, are still consumers’ favorite destinations because they apply visa-free and have easy access with a variety of direct flight options. However, since the third quarter of this year, the interest of the Indonesian people to travel to Japan and South Korea has increased significantly following the opening of the borders in the two countries.

Data compiled from the “Traveloka Travel Fair 11.11” shows that besides traveling, consumer interest in outdoor activities, seeing attractions or visiting playgrounds also shows a positive trend.

This can be seen from the increase in local attraction ticket bookings through Traveloka Xperience during the “Traveloka Travel Fair 11.11” period of up to 24% compared to the usual period. The types of tourist parks or attractions favored by consumers are destinations that offer a variety of games for the whole family, such as Dufan in Jakarta, Jatim Park in Kota Batu, and Trans Studio in Bandung, to Universal Studios in Singapore.

Apart from overseas destinations experiencing a surge in interest, domestic destinations also remain the prima donna for Traveloka consumers. Favorite destinations for big cities that are targeted during the “Traveloka Travel Fair 11.11”, namely Bali, Medan, Surabaya, Makassar, and Jakarta.

Interestingly, this Traveloka promotion also shows the emergence of interest in tourist destinations that are starting to develop, such as Batam, Pekanbaru, Biak, Mando, Timika, and Kendari.

Not only that, the staycation trend which has been rife after the pandemic is also still in demand by Traveloka consumers. Staycation is a form of short tours in various types of accommodation, both within the city and outside the city.

Tourists can access Traveloka to find out the nearest tourist facilities and attractions from the selected accommodation according to their interests and needs.

“Traveloka Travel Fair 11.11 is here to help consumers plan their dream trips more easily and comfortably, both for domestic and overseas destinations. This commitment confirms Traveloka as a travel and lifestyle platform that always presents the best value or prices that provide benefits more for consumers in realizing their travel plans,” Shirley concluded. [antaranews/photo special]