TASTING the Chicken Kampong Bacem Pendalungan, what’s that like? Bacem or baceman is a kitchen preparation from the Mataraman area such as the cities of Semarang, Surakarta, Magelang in Central Java and Yogyakarta. In general, we know that food, a snack for the people of Central Java and Yogyakarta, has a sweet-tasting marinade, which is a mixture of spices and typical brown sugar.

Meanwhile, in the Jember community, with its “Pendalungan” cultural mix, all food tends to taste savory. Java Lotus Jember, elevates the culinary culture of Pendalungan Jember with its distinctive flavours, in a food promo closing 2022. Presented is Chicken Kampong Bacem Pendalungan ala Java Lotus Hotel which is ready to be served at all events.

According to Jeffrey Wibisono V. General Manager of Java Lotus Hotel who describes ‘free-range’ chicken with Jember’s typical marinated marinade, served with boiled vegetables, “pairing” with curry sauce dipping seasoning that evokes the pleasure of Java Lotus-style marinated chicken. The presence of dipping seasonings, lack of satisfaction, when eating there is no sweat trigger — a characteristic of Indonesian society — namely chili sauce.

“Our Chef de Cuisine hotel, Arif prepared three (3) kinds of chili sauce which won the Java Lotus Hotel Jember, namely edamame chili, onion chili and shrimp paste chili. Well, curious? Let’s try it,” he said.

Chicken Kampong Bacem in Jember, he continued, is quite popular, has many fans and has become one of the ‘comfort food’ menus at home and on “social networks”. Java Lotus-style bacem free-range chicken kampong, can be enjoyed at all outlets, at the dine-In dining table at KOE Restaurant, KopiKOE Cafe or Sky Lounge Rooftop Cafe.

“Surely you are guaranteed to be satisfied enjoying free-range chicken dishes which are flavorful, slightly sweet, savory, delicious, balanced with Indonesian coconut milk sauce from the secret kitchen recipe prepared by KOE Restaurant, Java Lotus Hotel,” said Jeffrey.

Enjoyed alone, as a family, with colleagues or with loved ones? You can also take away souvenirs and for delivery, treats, gifts. The Java Lotus Culinary Team prepared Purchase Order Delivery or Hampers such as Tenong Chicken Kampong Bacem Pendalungan. Tenong is a special term for a bamboo basket for food.

The delivery contains a package of Chicken Kampong Bacem Pendalungan, free of charge (shipping fee) with a five (5) kilometer delivery radius from the Java Lotus Hotel. If it is out of range of five kilometers?

You can PO (Purchase Order) Hampers, take-away, after dine-in at KOE Restaurant, afternoon coffee at KOE Cafe or healing at Sky Lounge Rooftop Cafe. There is also a paid delivery courier service. []