THE NICKNAME Agent of Change in the coffee industry is not just a lie for Mikael Jasin, the owner of a coffee exporter company from Indonesia, CATUR Coffee Company. In the event entitled CATUR Collection 22/23, at CGV f(X) Sudirman, Jakarta on Saturday (12/10), he showed his commitment to advancing the coffee industry in Indonesia.

Established since 2021, this company has made various achievements. First, the partnership between CATUR Coffee Company and Daterra from Brazil, Janson Estate from Panama, and Henry & Sons from the Philippines. All three are the world’s leading coffee processors.

The collaboration with the three processors is the proudest achievement for the company. This is because the coffee produced by this company will be diverse and of high quality.

According to Mikael Jasin, CEO and Co-founder of CATUR Coffee Company said that the three processors were interested in the brand image built by CATUR Coffee Company.

“Personally, I am good friends with the three processors and often visit there to learn more about coffee and at the same time introduce CHESS. They were also interested and offered to work together to process coffee which we (CATUR Coffee Company) could then market,” said the man who is familiarly called Miki.

Second, the result of this collaboration certainly increases the quantity of coffee beans produced by CATUR Coffee Company. Thanks to the established partnerships, this company can produce approximately 84.7 tons.

The man who has won fourth place in the World Barista Championship in 2019 is well aware of the quality of Indonesian coffee beans in the eyes of the world. He used the increased quantity of coffee bean production from his company to reach a wider market.

Evidently, there are three representative countries that market products from CATUR Coffee Company. These countries are the Netherlands, Australia and Canada. This also brought CATUR Coffee Company to its third achievement.

However, Miki is not complacent because he still has big dreams of targeting the East Asian market. “After Europe and America, hopefully next year, CATUR Coffee Company will also be present in South Korea and Japan,” Miki remarked.

Behind the successes achieved by CATUR Coffee Company in the coffee industry, this company does not forget to pay attention to natural and environmental health issues.

Naomi Marcella, CATUR Coffee Company’s Sustainability Officer explained matters of concern to CATUR Coffee Company in terms of transparency and a sustainable environment.

“We are aware of environmental issues that are happening right now, especially about global warming due to carbon dioxide produced from engines to transportation. For this reason, we are working with Bumiterra to remove all the carbon we produce,” explained Naomi.

Naomi revealed that from the collaboration with the company that manages carbon offsetting in Indonesia, CATUR Coffee Company succeeded in removing 328 tons of carbon through planting trees in West Kalimantan. He hopes that in the next year, CATUR Coffee Company can achieve zero carbon.

“Starting from September 2022 we are carrying out carbon removal. Hopefully, in 2023, we (CATUR Coffee Company) will achieve zero carbon emissions,” Naomi concluded. [wartacopy/photo special]