THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy through the Minister Sandiaga Uno issued a Tourism Ministry circular letter number SE/8/DI.01.01/MK/2022 concerning Tourism Transportation Safety and its concerning Organizing Safe, Comfortable and Enjoyable Travel at Tourist Attractions which was signed on 26 December 2022.

Sandiaga Uno appealed to tour operators and managers of tourist destinations to pay close attention to the safety of tourist transportation drivers and tourists in an effort to organize safe, comfortable and enjoyable tourism activities at tourist attractions.

In his statement, last Saturday (12/31), Sandiaga said the tourism industry is a sector that plays a strategic role in the Indonesian economy. This sector is also very closely related to the transportation sector which plays an active role in mobilizing tourists to various tourist destinations and returning to their places of origin so that attention should be paid to the factors of safety, security and comfort so as to create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

“The implementation of transportation services is expected to be able to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable travel experience to tourists and of course we also hope that tourist destination managers can create similar things. For this reason, we need support from various parties to jointly maintain the safety of tourists and anticipate accidents involving transportation and tourist rides,” said Sandiaga.

For this reason, Sandiaga appealed to tourists to use tourist transportation services that have official permits and are roadworthy. He also asked tourist transportation operators to pay attention to tourist safety by periodically checking existing transportation units and paying attention to existing permits, paying attention to the number of passengers so as not to exceed capacity, and being aware of information on weather changes and paying attention to warnings from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency. (BMKG) regarding the potential for natural disasters.

“Apart from that, tourist destination managers must also provide proper rest areas for tourist transportation drivers. Then local governments, associations, and tourist transportation users help supervise the implementation of transportation safety management standards in tourist transportation and report to the authorities in the event of a violation,” Sandiaga remarked.

Meanwhile for managers of tourist destinations, Sandiaga requests that managers of tourist destinations pay attention to the safety, health and safety factors of tourists and managers by strictly implementing standard operating procedures (SOP) for occupational safety and health (K3) and always implementing the CHSE health protocol (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability).

In addition to creating visitor management techniques to avoid crowding tourists at one point and paying attention to visitors when holding events that involve large numbers of people or crowds at tourist sites, ensuring the use of rides or tourist attractions in accordance with carrying capacity.

Then also provide evacuation routes by installing assembly point boards to anticipate disasters, and pay attention to weather changes and information from the BMKG regarding potential natural disasters and inform this to tourists, officers, and the community around tourist destinations.

“I also appeal to managers of tourist destinations to strengthen coordination with tourism supporting stakeholders, be it the central, regional or private governments in order to provide excellent service to tourists,” he noted.

In addition, he appealed to regional heads, associations and tourism attraction business actors to provide outreach, monitoring and supervision of recreational parks and tourist attractions to ensure the security and safety of visitors in using the facilities and attractions available. []