AIRNAV Indonesia, as the only business entity providing flight navigation services in Indonesia, noted that 2022 was a turning point for Indonesian aviation since it was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.

According to Chief Director Polana B. Pramesti, in a written statement, Tuesday (01/03), 2023 said in 2022 there were many positive notes for the world of aviation, and his party will continue to prepare for a fast change that will occur in 2023, where the number of flights is expected to return to pre-pandemic positions, even surpassing it.

“So that AirNav needs to improve service performance and flight navigation safety as well as transform the company’s business in 2023. In 2022, the number of flights in Indonesia has increased significantly since the pandemic hit,” he said.

It is recorded that AirNav has served more than 1.3 million flights, of which Domestic flights have increased by 14% when compared to 2021 and 8% when compared to 2020. Meanwhile, International flights have increased by 103% when compared to 2021 and 18% when compared to 2020.

“The same thing happened for cross-country flights (over flying), which increased by 70% when compared to 2021 and 47% when compared to 2020. AirNav is very grateful for the growth in the number of flights that has occurred since the beginning of 2022, this is due to, among other things, easing aviation policy both at home and abroad, the rate of growth in the number of COVID-19 sufferers is increasingly sloping, and the number of people who have been vaccinated is increasing, thank God that aviation is improving and tourism is starting to revive,” Polana remarked.

In 2022 also be a year of tourism revival, Indonesia is entrusted with hosting 2 major international events, namely the G20 Summit and the WBSK Mandalika World Motor Racing Event. AirNav Indonesia is proud to be able to contribute to the success of both events, by providing optimal flight navigation and safety services for state guests and event delegates.

Assisted by 11 AirNav Branches and in collaboration with other aviation stakeholders, AirNav has prepared procedure simulations, reliable human resources, and navigation support equipment, so that state events can run smoothly and safely.

“Thank God, AirNav can show its capabilities in the eyes of the world, that the navigation services we provide at the G20 and WBSK Mandalika events can deliver world delegates to and return safely, without getting the slightest complaint from the parties, we also don’t close the regular flight schedule. We serve everything with the best treatment,” Polana explained.

Furthermore, Polana said that another thing that became a positive note in 2022 was the Punctuality Level of Arrivals and Departures of Aircraft which reached 90%. This cannot be separated from good cooperation with airlines, airport managers, regulators, and other stakeholders, so as to increase comfort for passengers.

“In addition, I am also grateful that the level of Aviation Safety can be maintained well throughout 2022. AirNav is able to maintain the performance of aviation safety services, where throughout 2022 a total of 5,535 safety incidents were recorded from 1.3 million more flights served,” he concluded.

In this year (20230 will be a challenging year and bring good optimism to the world of Aviation, AirNav will continue its positive performance in 2022, while fixing various deficiencies that can be improved, as well as wholeheartedly maintaining the safety and smoothness of flight navigation services in the skies of the archipelago. [sources/photo special]