QANTAS has been named the world’s safest airline for 2023. The Australian airline has regained the top spot after taking second place last year.

According to the rating site, which has been operating for over 100 years, Qantas is considered the most experienced airline in the industry. To determine its list, the site looked at five years of accidents, two years of serious incidents, audits from aviation regulatory agencies and lead associations, fleet age, expert analysis of pilot training and COVID-19 protocols.

“’s annual list tracks 385 airlines. But all airlines experience incidents every day and many of these are aircraft or engine manufacturing issues, not airline operational issues.”It is the way the flight crew handled this incident that differentiates a good airline from an unsafe one,” Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said in a statement.

Air New Zealand, which took the number 1 spot on last year’s list. This year, the New Zealand airline is in the number 2 position. Followed by Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

The following is a complete list of the 20 safest airlines according to for 2023: (1). Qantas, (2). Air New Zealand, (3). Etihad Airways, (4). Qatar Airways, (5). Singapore Airlines, (6). TAP Air Portugal, (7). Emirates, (8). Alaska Airlines, (9). EVA Air, (10). Virgin Australia/Atlantic, (11). Cathay Pacific Airways, (12). Hawaii Airlines, (13). SAS, (14). United Airlines Group, (15). Lufthansa/Swiss Finland, (16). Finnair, (17). British Airways, (18). KLM, (19). American Airlines, (20). Delta Airlines

According to Thomas, the 20 safest airlines for 2023 on their list have always been at the forefront of safety innovation, operational excellence and launching new, more sophisticated aircraft. [sources/photo special]