CELEBRATE luxury and all prosperity with uniqueness that is in Vertu Harmoni Jakarta in this year of the abundant water rabbit with your family or loved ones.

According to Roman Soleh, Asst. Director of Marketing & Branding said that Vertu Harmoni Jakarta, through Voyage Restaurant, provides offerings for guests to enjoy a variety of special dishes with oriental flavors. Chinese New Year special dishes will be served to answer the needs of guests who wish to welcome this Chinese New Year.

“Guests who want to gather with their loved ones and enjoy a moment of family reunion can gather together at Voyage Restaurant with Buffet-style dishes highlighting various oriental menus such as Peking Duck, Shrimp, Grilled Ribs, Abalone, Hoisin, Hainanese Chicken, Oxtail Soup and various other menus,” he said.

During the celebration, he continued, guests will be entertained by Barong Sai, Mandarin Music, and many more. This all-you-can-eat dinner is priced at IDR528,000 nett per person and up to 50% discount for partner bank users.

“To add to the festivities, guests will be served a variety of Chinese specialties including Yee Sang, which is part of a Chinese hereditary tradition that is believed to be a symbol of abundance, good luck and the spirit of the Chinese New Year,” Roman Soleh remarked.

He added that the guests would gather around the table and mix the spices and lift Yee Sang together with chopsticks while saying various auspicious wishes. You will also get Barong Sai treats which make the New Year’s atmosphere livelier. []