WHEN TOURIST destinations start to open in 2023, and implementation of restrictions on community activities (PPKM) easing has also been opened, then it’s time for you to have a vacation. There are many places in Indonesia that you can visit for tourism or healing from work fatigue.

The following is a list of Pegipegi-style holiday ideas in five favorite cities that can be added to your travel bucket list in 2023:
1. Lombok
You can visit Kuta Beach Lombok which is often nicknamed “Pepper Beach” because the texture of the sand is similar to pepper. This beach with unspoiled white sand is also surrounded by beautiful hills.

Next, visit Sukarara Village to see the lives of the villagers who are so proficient in producing unique weaving crafts. Don’t miss visiting Merese Hill to see the moment the sun rises or sets while enjoying the panorama of Tanjung Aan Beach and Batu Payung whose water is so clear and decorated with a variety of coral reefs.

Visiting Batu Bolong Temple in the Senggigi Beach area could be your next choice. This is because this area presents a distinctive atmosphere like Tanah Lot Bali. This temple is hundreds of years old, but still standing firmly on the edge of the sea which presents a beautiful panorama. On the next trip, you can explore Pergasingan Peak in Sembalun Village to see the amazing views of the colorful rice fields belonging to the local community.

3. Banyuwangi
You can witness the beauty of the sunrise at Watu Karung Beach while looking at the unique large stones that are located on the edge of the beach. Next, visit Alas Purwo National Park to enjoy a complete tour package in the form of savanna areas, cultural tours, mangrove forests, ancient caves to rows of beaches.

There are also around 700 species of flora, 50 species of mammals, 320 species of birds, 15 species of amphibians and 48 species of reptiles. After that, feel the feel of a fairy tale by visiting the Benculuk Bureau which presents a panorama like Fangorn Forest in the film Lord of The Rings.

Then, enjoy culinary offerings in various interesting places, such as Sego Tempong Mbok Nah, Rantinem Spicy Chicken, Sego Cawuk Bu Mantih, Warung Mbak Sumi to Chinatown Street Food in the Hoo Tong Bio Temple area. Apart from that, you can visit Ijen Crater to see the beautiful panorama of the green crater, the life of iconic sulfur miners, and the unique Blue Fire phenomenon.

Finally, try visiting Green Bay or Green Bay which offers beautiful views of turquoise green water with soft white sand and a cool area of trees.

3. Medan
Visiting Tjong A Fie Mansion to see Chinese historical and cultural heritage in Medan City is an interesting choice because of its unique building with a combination of Chinese, European and Malay architecture. After that, you can explore the magnificent Maimun Palace with a blend of Malay, Islamic, Spanish, Indian, Dutch and Italian interior design elements.

Furthermore, you can feel the old European feel by exploring Jalan Kesawan. This street has various spots and unique photo background objects, one of which is the London Sumatra Building.

Refresh your body and mind by enjoying the Sipoholon Hot Spring Bathing Tour, while witnessing the beautiful panorama of limestone hills that are as beautiful as snow and turquoise sulfur water that spoils the eyes. Then, try visiting one of the largest monasteries in Indonesia, namely the Cemara Asri Vihara which is near a beautiful small lake.

Furthermore, you can see an extraordinary view of Sipiso Piso Waterfall which is located not far from the Lake Toba area.

4. Bali
Get up as early as possible and prepare yourself to Pinggan Village, Kintamani to hunt for the sunrise with an amazing fog effect.

The view is even more beautiful thanks to the green landscape of Pinggan Village with a majestic mountain backdrop. In addition, you can witness the life of the people of Trunyan Village, especially the traditional burial methods. Not far from there, visit Pancering Jagat Temple to see the religious site which has a 4-meter-tall statue named Datonta, which is thought to have originated from the Megalithic era.

Then, continue your itinerary by seeing the beautiful view of Lake Batur. On the following day, you can go to Nusa Penida to enjoy various popular tourist attractions, such as exploring the green grass that stretches beautifully on Teletubbies Hill in the morning; see the natural pool Angel’s Billabong with very clear water; dive Malibu Point for panoramic views of the beautiful coral reefs; to take pictures at the Batu Molenteng Tree House.

Finally, close your trip with a shopping tour to Krisna Bali Typical Souvenirs, Sukawati Art Market, Kuta Art Market, Ubud Art Market, and The Basket Bali.

5. Palembang
If you decide to have a vacation in Palembang, visit the Cheng Ho Mosque to see the grandeur of the mosque’s architecture with a blend of Palembang, Chinese and Arabic cultures. Next, have a picnic at Punti Kayu Nature Park and try various rides, such as flying fox, farm zone, replica of the wonders of the world, and so on.

Then try to explore Jalan Sekanak, the old city area in Palembang which has many historical stories. Don’t forget to stop by Sekanak Sidewalk to hunt for photos in colorful, Instagrammable spots. Apart from that, there is Kemaro Island which was once the center of the largest maritime empire.

Here, there are historical sites ranging from the 9-floor Pagoda, the Hok Tjing Rio Temple, the tree of love, to the graves of the island’s guardians. Your trip can be closed by visiting the Ampera Bridge in the late afternoon to see the beauty of Palembang City.

Don’t miss hunting for delicious culinary delights in the surroundings, such as the Mbok Sri Floating Restaurant, Riverside Restaurant, Kampung Kapitan Seafood Restaurant, Cek Merry Floating Warung or Pier Point. [sources/photo special]