THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy appreciates the holding of the “Indonesia Travel Fair (ITF) 2023” tour which is expected to further encourage domestic tourist trips under the umbrella of the Proud to Tour in Indonesia (BBWI) program so that it can strengthen the target of achieving this year’s domestic tourist movement of 1.4 billion.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in his statement, Tuesday (01/17), 2023, said President Joko Widodo had previously given directions and invited the Indonesian people to succeed in the BBWI movement in order to improve the performance of the country’s tourism industry and creative economy.

For this reason, the Tourism Ministry appreciates the active role of the industry in holding the Indonesia Travel Fair which is entering its 20th time which is expected to encourage domestic tourist travel.

“We hope that this collaboration in supporting the BBWI program can strengthen the achievement of the target of 1.4 billion movements of domestic tourists this year. The movement of tourists will have an economic impact on the community and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs),” said Sandiaga.

The 2023 Indonesia Travel Fair will take place on 17-19 February 2023 at Kota Kasablanka Mall, Jakarta. The Indonesia Travel Fair is supported by the Indonesian National Airline Association (INACA) in collaboration with RajaMICE and the ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) and Bank BNI as a partner bank. The Indonesia Travel Fair which is filled with various attractive offer programs will be an effective means of promotion for the public.

The General Chairperson of INACA, Denon Prawiraatmadja, explained, some of the attractive offer programs include special flight ticket prices not only from scheduled airlines, but also from non-scheduled airlines.

“These airlines will later offer tickets at special prices for non-scheduled flights, both for corporations and for individuals using fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft (helicopters),” Denon remarked.

Likewise, Deputy Chairperson of INACA, Arif Wibowo, added that INACA member airlines would provide better special ticket prices to visitors compared to other travel fairs.

Apart from that, there will also be gimmicks in the form of merchandise, lucky draws, door prizes, and free tickets for visitors which will be given at certain events, such as during a talk show on the sidelines of a travel fair.

The President of ASEANTA, Eddy Krismeidy, said the same thing, he was optimistic that the Indonesia Travel Fair would be a success and could be the start of organizing a bigger travel fair for the ASEAN region.

“The ASEAN region, especially Indonesia, has great tourism potential that we can sell to the world community. With the support of good air transportation, we hope that tourism in Indonesia and ASEAN can increase even more,” he noted.

Meanwhile Panca R Sarongu, CEO of RajaMICE and Chief Community of TEPANAS (Teman Parekraf Nasional) said, based on his experience of holding more than 50 travel fairs in the last 10 years, he sees that the travel patterns of Indonesian people are unplanned or last-minute travelers and are very easily triggered by attractive offers.

“For this reason, through INACA as a partner, we present attractive offers from dozens of airlines, hotels, travel agents, tourist attractions, and are supported by banking partners in providing special prices and installment and cashback programs,” Panca added.

The target of the three days of organizing the travel fair is the attendance of 20,000 visitors with direct sales of IDR40 billion. This ITF is the final stage of a series of INACA Festival activities in 2022 consisting of Webinars, Risk Management Training, Golf Tournaments, and General Meeting of Members (RUA). [sources/photo special]