IT WILL BE the fastest and most powerful 911 ever. As always, Porsche will save the best for last by crowning the 992 generation 911 with the GT2 RS.

The peeps from Zuffenhausen have long confirmed the existence of a hybrid version and Autocar reports that the flagship version will be electrified to create the most powerful version in the history of this illustrious sports car.

The car is expected to arrive in 2026, more than half a century since the rear-engined machine was first launched. Based on the 911 Turbo with a twin-turbo 3.8-liter flat-six engine, the GT2 RS will adopt a mild-hybrid powertrain with technology derived from the new 963 LMDh endurance race car.

The car will become available towards the end of the decade, with an electric motor complementing the internal combustion engine. Together, the two are said to produce more than 700 horsepower and a “significant increase in torque.

For reference, the current Turbo S offers 800 Newton-meters (590 pound-feet) of torque. A manual gearbox is not ruled out, but it depends on whether it can support the extra torque. Honestly, we wouldn’t hold our breath for the third pedal.

Now, you might be worried about the added weight due to the extra hardware. Autocar says that Porsche is looking at ways to trim the fat in the same way as the Weissach Package offered for the old 911 GT2 RS. The weight penalty will allegedly not exceed 100 kilograms (220 pounds).

While the electric 718 Boxster and Cayman replacements coming in 2025 will use an 800V electric drivetrain, the 911 will use a 400V setup as it is lighter and more compact.

“Much more power” will be produced, easily surpassing the 690 hp output of the old 911 GT2 RS. The added hybrid setup will be present along with the EV mode, but the focus will be on performance rather than efficiency.

According to the same report, Porsche engineers intend to cram the battery behind the rear seats while the electric motor will be mounted inside the gearbox.

This arrangement would give a 39:61 front/rear weight distribution for a supercar with a hybrid setup that is “even more sophisticated” than the hardware developed for the LMDh.

Meanwhile, Porsche is looking to diversify its portfolio with the 911 ST serving as a GT3-powered Carrera T. A new Speedster is also coming soon, ahead of 2024 when the sports car will get a mid-cycle facelift to 992.2. [sources/photo special]