ARTOTEL Group has again strengthened its position to become a leading Indonesian hotel operator management by acquiring hotel operator management Milestone Pacific Hotel Group (MPHG).

PT. Milestone Pacific Hotel Group (MPHG) is a hotel operator management which has 6 brands namely Maxone, Nite & Day, Zia, Ruma Ruma, Marc, and One of a Kind by managing 45 hotels located in several provinces and second-tier regions in Indonesia. The hotels managed by MPHG target the middle and economy-class markets.

According to Erastus Radjimin, Founder & CEO of ARTOTEL Group said by controlling the majority stake in MPHG, ARTOTEL Group officially manages more than 100 properties with different hotel brands, namely ARTOTEL, DAFAM, KYRIAD, and MAXONE, which are spread throughout Indonesia from Aceh to Papua.

“In addition, ARTOTELGroup now not only specializes in boutique hotels with art and lifestyle concepts, but also provides a wide variety of accommodation options, from luxury, boutique, to economical hotels that can meet the accommodation needs of Indonesia’s large domestic market, both for business and leisure needs,” he said.

Erastus Radjimin explained that the rapid development carried out by ARTOTEL Group can be achieved within 3 years where in 2020 the company has only managed 17 hotels and is experiencing a period full of challenges due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit the tourism sector in Indonesia and the world.

“However, thanks to the faith that the Indonesian tourism industry has a strategic position in increasing the country’s foreign exchange because of Indonesia’s natural beauty and the friendly cultural heritage of its world-famous people, ARTOTEL Group has managed to gain support from investors who believe in its ability as a reliable local hotel operator management and can become an Indonesian company that competes in the international arena,” Erastus  remarked.

Therefore, ARTOTEL Group has managed to rise by carrying out various aggressive business expansion actions since 2021 such as acquiring the Indonesia franchise of Kyriad, as well as carrying out acquisition strategies for leading Indonesian local brands, such as Dafam and Maxone.

“This success will not stop here even though it has managed more than 100 hotels because there are still 50 other new hotel projects that will soon be managed by the ARTOTEL Group from the first quarter of 2023 to 2025,” he affirmed.

But when asked about ARTOTEL Group’s business strategy when it has added portfolio number of hotels managed to become more than 100 hotels? Erastus Radjimin immediately answered the success we have achieved by managing more than 100 hotels does not make us forget ourselves, in fact, it makes us a bigger responsibility to provide the best service to our stakeholders, not only to our customers, guests or customers, but also to hotel owners, employees and partners.

“Therefore, we have prepared a sustainable business strategy for increasing hotel revenues and the welfare of our stakeholders by prioritizing technology-based infrastructure so that hotel operations become efficient and effective for guest satisfaction, as well as expanding our hotel’s distribution network to increase the revenue of each hotel we manage,” he pointed out.

In supporting this business strategy, we promote the Loyalty Program, ARTOTEL Wanderlust, as a form of appreciation for our guests. The loyalty program is not new to our hotel chain because this program has been implemented since early 2022 under the name ARTOTEL Circle which has gathered 250,000 loyal guests in one year.

“Now, through ARTOTEL Wanderlust, we will provide many conveniences for guests in terms of booking rooms and places to dine with very good price offers. Guests will also get various other benefits, from reward points to various privileges that can be enjoyed at our hotel network,” Erastus concluded. [].