THE FIRST red date in May falls on Monday (1/5) which is International Labor Day, allowing Indonesians to experience a long weekend after the Lebaran holiday.

Not only in early May, there is also a red date on May 18, 2023, which is the Ascension Day of Jesus Al Masih. The date falls on a Thursday so you may be able to use your paid leave on May 19 to enjoy the long weekend.

Here are some recommended tourist destinations that are suitable for filling your vacation time on a first date of month:

Ancol, Jakarta
This destination is still a favorite choice for people, especially those who live around Jabodetabek. This destination is also perfect for those of you who are not going home but want to spend time with family.

The entrance tickets, including tickets for various rides, can already be obtained online. In Ancol, you can enjoy a variety of rides such as Dunia Fantasi, Sea World, Jakarta Birdland, Atlantis Water Adventures, and Gondola Ancol.

You can also spend the night with your family at hotels around Ancol such as Putri Duyung Ancol and Grand Dafam Ancol.

Lembang Park & Zoo, Bandung – West Java
The largest zoo in the Bandung area can be your choice to spend time with family.

At Lembang Park & Zoo, you can also enjoy various attractions and activities such as Big Aviary, Big Aviary, pony rides, visiting Rabbit House, feeding elephants, and many more.

If you want to spend the night, you can visit several hotels around the zoo such as Lembang Asri Resort and Moscato Hotel and Cafe.

Solo Safari, Solo – Central Java
For those of you and your family who are around Solo, this zoo can be an alternative tourist destination with your family. At Solo Safari, there are 20 protected animals including Komodo dragons.

Interestingly, some of the animals are allowed to roam in open cages. You can also watch animal shows and petting zoo areas that allow closer interaction with the animals.

If you want to enjoy your trip around Solo Safari for longer, you can choose staying options such as The Sunan Hotel Solo and NEO Gading Solo Hotel which are strategically located.

Jawa Timur Park 1, 2 and 3, Batu City – East Java
Jawa Timur Park aka Jatim Park is a recreational complex consisting of three areas, namely Jatim Park 1, 2, and 3.

Jatim Park 1 comes with the concept of educational tourism along with a variety of exciting rides such as roller coasters and sky swingers. Alternatively, you can also visit the Animal Museum in Jatim Park 2 or visit Dino Park in Jatim Park 3.

The three Jatim Park locations are quite close together. You don’t need to worry because shuttle facilities are provided to move between Jatim Parks with tickets that can be obtained online.

Before or after enjoying Jatim Park, you can also choose the option to rest at the surrounding inns such as de Lobby Suite Hotel and Three Eight Front One Boutique Batu Malang.

Mikie Funland, Karo – North Sumatra
This destination is an outdoor theme park that provides various challenging rides to aesthetic photo spots. Mikie Funland is suitable for those of you who want to travel with family.

You can choose from 35 interesting rides in an area of about 13.5 hectares. For example, the T-Rex ride that can rotate above a height of 8 meters in 360 degrees quickly.

If you need a place to stay overnight and rest, you can also stop at nearby hotels such as Mikie Holiday Resort and Grand Mutiara Hotel Berastagi. [antaranews/photo special]