‘DESTINATION wedding’, the concept of holding a wedding in a destination that is not the domicile of the bride and groom is considered a promising tourism service economically.

According to Head of Weddings and Social Events Owen Lesmana, said these destinations are generally the dream destinations of the bride and groom, which can be domestic or foreign destinations.

The results of the Statistics Indonesia report note that there are around 1.7 million weddings taking place throughout 2022, this figure contributes to the trend of the ‘destination wedding’ tourism business.

In this regard, the travel and tourism agency company he leads launched a dream destination wedding organizing service “Golden Rama Weddings” in the second quarter of 2023.

“The launch of this business unit is expected to contribute to increased sales in the coming year,” he said in a written statement in Jakarta, Thursday (5/18).

Owen stated, the sales impact was not immediately visible in the same year, because wedding planning generally takes more than 6 months.

“Therefore, our focus in this first year is to prepare the infrastructure in terms of selecting destinations, accommodation, and other wedding needs to ensure that the prospective bride and groom get their dream wedding,” he said.

In meeting the increasing demand at this early stage, there are five countries that are the first priority to be marketed based on the trend of destinations that are in great demand by Indonesian consumers to hold weddings abroad, namely France, Greece, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

The destinations presented are so diverse, ranging from magnificent castles in France, exotic resorts by the sea with the best sunset backdrops in Santorini, beautiful traditional gardens with traditional Japanese nuances, to small villas by the lake with beautiful views of the hills of New Zealand.

The destination wedding packages are offered starting from IDR608 million for wedding celebrations in Japan with 20 guests. This price includes a 5-star hotel, ground transportation, welcome dinner, venue rental and reception. [antaranews/photo special]