THE INDONESIAN Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy stated that the tourism sector in the Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) has at least contributed around five percent of the targeted movement of Indonesian tourists.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in Bantul Regency, DIY, Sunday (5/28), 2023 said that tourism in Yogyakarta greatly helped us, our target is 1.4 billion domestic tourist movements, and Yogyakarta has contributed to the quarterly achievements. this first is already about five to seven percent.

Sandiaga said this was in response to the tourism boom in Yogyakarta after inaugurating Wukirsari Village, Bantul Regency, as one of the 75 Best Tourism Villages, in the category of World Class Tourism Villages for Indonesia to Rise, in the 2023 Indonesian Tourism Village Award program.

“For foreign tourists, Yogyakarta is starting to give its excitement. This can be seen from the occupancy rate of hotels in Yogyakarta, which are extraordinarily full during weekends and public holidays. And we want to target homestays that are offered in tourist villages. It is also possible that later they will become an alternative to housing for tourists who want to feel a different atmosphere, healing and refreshing at the same time,” he said.

Furthermore, Sandiaga said, Wukirsari Tourism Village in Bantul, DIY, has complete potential that can be developed because apart from natural beauty there is also cultural wealth, as well as creative economic products.

“Of course, with the support of the government and related parties, we will help create tourism and cultural craft clusters as well as digitize them,” he remarked.

Sandiaga hopes that by being designated as the Best Tourism Village, development will continue to be carried out so that the turnover of batik handicrafts and tourism transactions in the written batik village can increase.

“And tourist visits will increase, so the hope is that we can realize the target of creating 4.4 million new and quality jobs in Indonesia in 2024,” he concluded. [ special]