VESAK DAY, which is celebrated by Buddhists on June 4, is also a national holiday that is enjoyed by all Indonesian people. Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java is one of the most popular destinations to celebrate Vesak for both Indonesian and foreign Buddhists.

This year the Vesak celebration at Borobudur Temple will also be enlivened with a lantern festival where thousands of paper lanterns will be released which will be flown into the sky. The general public from all backgrounds can take part in this festival.

In a press release received in Jakarta on Tuesday (5/30), Tokopedia’s Head of Corporate Affairs 2023, Ekhel Chandra Wijaya, shared some tips if people want to spend their Vesak holiday by visiting Borobudur Temple and participating in the 2023 Borobudur Waisak Lantern Festival.

First, calculate and determine a realistic vacation budget. In preparing vacation funds, there are several budget items that should be met, starting from transportation costs, lodging costs, consumption costs, tourist attractions costs, such as entrance tickets to the 2023 Borobudur Waisak Lantern Festival, costs for buying souvenirs to costs for unexpected things.

Second, don’t forget to pay bills before going on vacation so that your mind is more comfortable while traveling and avoiding fines.

“When there are a lot of bills, we sometimes forget which bills have been paid and which have not. The implication can even be a fine when you finally forget to pay certain bills,” said Ekhel.

Third, avoid carrying too many things and prioritize bringing an umbrella or raincoat to anticipate rain. Also choose clothes with lightweight materials and don’t wrinkle easily

“All belongings when visiting the 2023 Borobudur Waisak Lantern Festival can be stored in lightweight containers, such as backpacks, travel pouches, and folding shopping bags to protect items from falling or being lost,” added Ekhel.

Fourth, wear decent clothes when attending the 2023 Waisak Lantern Festival. Avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless clothes. Also, bring a jacket or outerwear because the air at night in the Borobudur Temple area tends to be cold and dewy.

Fifth, maintain cleanliness by not littering. Prepare your own trash bag to avoid littering when you can’t find a trash can on site. [antaranews/photo special]