JAVA LOTUS Hotel, respect for local wisdom, part of the vision-mission and become the life style of the Java Lotus Hotel management business. On the gastronomic tourism dimension — part of Indonesian tourism sustainability and supporting the UNWTO #TravelTomorrow campaign — The Java Lotus Hotel Culinary Team prepared the Nasi Langgi Pendalungan Jember menu.

According to the General Manager of Java Lotus Hotel Jeffrey Wibisono V. said serving Nasi Langgi, more than just a kitchen preparation. This simple dish, prepared “towards morning”—Langgi–, reflects the culture, heritage and tradition of the community of the “pendalungan” Jember community for the presence of the Nasi Langgi menu which complements home-cooked meals at the Java Lotus Hotel, Jember.

The Nasi Langgi menu, explained Jeffrey further, enriches the menu of Indonesian home-cooked dishes, Kampung Bacem Pendalungan Chicken, Rib Soup, Oxtail Soup, and Penyetan Spicy Sticky. Made from agricultural, livestock and plantation products in the Jember Regency and its surroundings.

Original Jember “Pleetan” Dish
Langgi is a play on “before the morning”, this dish is prepared late at night before the morning, and then served at breakfast. Nasi Langgi comes from Jember, East Java. However, it became more popular in Central Java, such as Solo and Yogyakarta.

“The survey we conducted also showed that not all Jember people understand the existence of Nasi Langgi,” Jeffrey remarked.

It’s no wonder that many people are mistaken about the authenticity of Nasi Langgi. This typical dish of the Pendalungan Jember people was very popular during the colonial era and served as a meal for important guests of the Jember royal palace in the 19th-20th centuries.

Referring to the vision and business mission of the Java Lotus Hotel, the Java Lotus Hotel Culinary Team explores and revives the authenticity of Jember Regency dishes. Combine it with the specifics of the Java Lotus Hotel kitchen by presenting a new menu, Nasi Langgi Java Lotus Hotel.

If in Central Java it is famous for its sweet dishes, Nasi Langgi at Java Lotus Hotel elevates a balanced, savory, sweet taste — according to the taste of the Jemberian tongue which incidentally is a mixture of Javanese and Madurese.

A plate of Langgi Java Lotus Hotel rice — savory rice typical of Java Lotus — is accompanied by 5 side dishes in the form of Javanese Rendang Meat, Pindang Eggs, Balado Potatoes, Dry Tempe, and Chicken Shredded. The spice of Javanese Rendang, combined with the deliciousness of Shredded Chicken, Sweet from Dry Tempe, added to the taste of Balado Potatoes.

Connoisseurs of spicy dishes, the Java Lotus Hotel Culinary Team complements the Nasi Langgi menu with Tengger Eggplant Chili Sauce, which is only available at this hotel. Sambal made from Terong Tenger Chilli which is 10 times spicier than normal chillies, makes Nasi Langgi Java Lotus Hotel an unforgettable dish. A portion of the “play” dish is priced at IDR50,000 only, complete with mineral water. [ special]