PRESIDENT Joko Widodo (Jokowi) emphasized that Indonesia is a big country that must sit on an equal footing with other nations so that it cannot be dictated by any country and anyone.

This was conveyed by President Jokowi when giving a message at the Pancasila Birthday Commemoration Ceremony at Monas Square, Jakarta, Thursday (5/1), 2023.

“This is Indonesia. Indonesia is an Indonesia that cannot be dictated by anyone, which cannot be dictated by any country, but is always ready to contribute to the world,” said President Jokowi.

The President said that as a large country, Indonesia must sit on an equal footing with other nations. Indonesia is ready to cooperate, ready to lead, and wants to work together, wants to collaborate with any country, and becomes a meeting point and a bridge for the differences that exist in the world.

According to the President, the Pancasila ideology held by Indonesia has made the country’s leadership accepted and recognized by the world.

The Head of State considers that the G20 Presidency which has been successfully implemented, as well as Indonesia holding the ASEAN Chair this year is clear evidence that Pancasila is relevant not only for Indonesia, but also for the world.

Tolerance, unity and mutual cooperation, said the President, are the keys to building a strong nation. Therefore, he invited the entire nation to reject extremism, reject the politicization of identity, and reject the politicization of religion, especially ahead of the 2024 general election.

“Let’s welcome the 2024 Election democracy party with maturity, with joy, by upholding the values of Pancasila, fighting for a developed Indonesia that is prosperous, and just and authoritative on the world stage,” said the President concluding his remarks, the President wished Pancasila a Happy Birth Day. [antaranews]