THE Nusantara Capital City Authority (OIKN) will prepare buses and a bus rapid transit (BRT) system as the first public transportation mode in Nusantara next year.

During an online discussion on Friday (9/15), 2023 OIKN’s Deputy for Facilities and Infrastructure, Silvia Halim, said that as the population of Nusantara grows and increases, people would later be able to switch to rail transportation.

Public transportation will be provided and developed in line with the increase in population. The provision of public transportation in stages has been regulated and has been included in the key performance indicators (KPI) of Nusantara management.

Halim noted that OIKN is committed to carrying out Nusantara’s development by adopting the 10-minute city principle.

“Therefore, we will be able to access public areas, including the nearest transportation mode, within a 10-minute walk from anywhere we live,” she explained.

BRT is a bus-based mass transit system that provides fast, comfortable, and affordable mobility in urban areas. Based on a presidential regulation, the BRT system will be the main mode of public transportation in Nusantara.

The operating system, technology, service routes, and bus stop locations will be regulated based on calculations of transportation needs and spatial transit coverage. [antaranews]