QANTAS airline plans to completely redesign its First and Business Class cabins. From the designs revealed, this setting is perhaps the most beautiful compared to many other airlines. The room is spacious, the facilities are not just a chair and a television.

Passengers in Qantas First Class will get a suite equipped with a personal wardrobe, wide bed, recliner chair, 32-inch ultra-high-definition TV and dining table for two. The dining table is deliberately set for two people because you might want to invite friends to drink tea while chatting in the middle of the flight. Qantas First Class facilities are like small luxury apartments, making passengers feel at home.

Business Class
In the Business Class section, passengers get pods with two-meter beds, plush leather backrests and 18-inch Bluetooth touchscreens. There will also be a breakaway area, so airline passengers can grab food and drinks at any time.

According to the founder of Caon Design, David Caon said the design came from Caon Design, it took years to improve. We started designing the cabin five years ago, working with Airbus and Qantas to maximize space, as well as creating a bespoke lighting program that would influence mood and sleep patterns.

“All elements of design and service will work together to significantly improve in-flight comfort, convenience, health and well-being and help minimize the age-old enemy of jetlag,” he added.

Next, the Australian airline will share design plans for their Premium Economy and Economy classes. The seats in these two classes are not very special, but they will be an improvement over regular flight seats. It will feel like a typical business class seat, but at economy class prices.

The new First Class and Qantar Business designs will be ready in the next few years, along with the launch of non-stop Australia-London and Australia-New York services in 2025. So, if you want to try, there are still two years to save. [sources/photo special]