MOST tourist destinations already have adequate security. However, this problem remains a major concern for tourists who want to travel, especially abroad.

Among the many destinations in the world, there are some that have lower security risks. The expert team at Planet Cruise searches for the safest holiday destinations around the world by looking at key factors including hospitality levels and hotel prices.

As a result, they noted that there were 10 safest destinations for tourists. In first place is Tokyo, Japan. Japan’s capital city is dynamic and considered very safe with a variety of extraordinary attractions. One of Tokyo’s main attractions is Ueno Park, which is the best place to see the city’s famous cherry blossoms.

A tourist wrote on Tripadvisor about the best time to travel to that city. “Went during cherry blossom season and it was truly beautiful! If only I could see more pink cherry blossoms!”

“I was lucky to be able to visit Ueno Park during cherry blossom season. “There is a big and beautiful cherry tree at the entrance of the park,” said another Tripadvisor user.

Crime rates in Japan are low, but tourists should remain vigilant and take sufficient precautions. In second place the safest destination is Prague, Czech Republic. The city is regularly listed as one of the safest cities in all of Europe. The crime rate is 0.5 incidents per 100 people according to Travel Safe. This number is lower than in all of Sweden, a country that is considered very safe.

The next safest destinations are in Asian countries, including Beijing in China, Hanoi in Vietnam, Shanghai in China, and Chiang Mai in Thailand. Vienna in Austria, Rome in Italy and Bucharest in Romania are also on the list of the 10 safest tourist destinations in the world for tourists. [antaranews/photo special]