THE TYPICAL French bakery PAUL has again spread its wings by opening an outlet in Cipete, South Jakarta, which is the 8th PAUL Le Café outlet and the 16th PAUL Bakery in Indonesia. This outlet is also the first outlet located outside the mall and built in its own building. What’s more, there will be 2 exclusive drinks only available at PAUL Le Café Cipete.

According to Head of Marketing PAUL, Michelle Hendrawan, Cipete was chosen because it is an area with many cafes or coffee shops that serve various kinds of coffee and snacks. Apart from that, there are international schools which are PAUL’s target market.

“PAUL wants to be part of this community and strives to present something special, such as our pastry, the basic ingredients of which are imported directly from France to maintain the quality and taste. It can be used as a gathering place with friends and family, or a place to wait for the children go to school,” said Michelle in a press release, (9/16), 2023.

PAUL Le Café Cipete’s exclusivity continues by presenting two exclusive drinks, namely Banana Oatmilk Frappe and Ice Oatmilk Shaken Espresso. Through this menu, PAUL gives customers a choice of products made from plant-based milk.

Banana Oatmilk Frappe is a delicious and refreshing concoction made with banana, ice, oat milk and a touch of chocolate sauce, a popular choice for a quick and delicious dessert.

Meanwhile, Ice Oatmilk Shaken Espesso is a refreshing coffee made from a mixture of espresso, oat milk and ice. This drink is perfect for warm weather when you want comforting coffee with a cool, creamy touch.

“So far, PAUL can only be found in shopping center areas, but PAUL Le Café in Cipete is very special because it is the first outlet outside the mall and is the first stand-alone outlet,” concluded Michelle. [sources/photo special]