REALIZING the need of Indonesia’s young generation for fruitful breaks to refresh themselves, FRESTEA launched the #FreshBreak campaign. The #FreshBreak zone in this campaign is inspired by the extraordinary positive impact when someone takes a fruitful short break in facing all daily activities.

In this zone, visitors can enjoy #FreshBreak through various relaxation zones. #FreshBreak Zone is open to the public at Senayan Park (SPARK) Jakarta from 6 October to 15 October. The event offers a range of activities, including access to the #FreshBreak Zone, product samples and also the chance to win exciting #FreshBreak prizes.

According to Jessica Harsya, Frontline Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Indonesia, said FRESTEA understands that Indonesia’s young generation leads busy lives, and we also realize the importance of taking short breaks to stay fresh. Our mission is to inspire young people to enjoy a fruitful break, accompanied by a refreshing FRESTEA.

“As part of our campaign, FRESTEA has also created a space so that the younger generation can experience the happiness of a fruitful break through the #FreshBreak Zone,” she said.

Jessica explained that FRESTEA is also collaborating with Fuji An, a young content creator to further inspire the generation to change the way they rest and make it more useful.

“As a content creator, I have a busy schedule. I understand and appreciate the importance of productive downtime to stay stimulated and inspired. FRESTEA complements my break time perfectly, and helps me to feel relaxed and refreshed. Fruitful breaks with FRESTEA not only give me energy, but also increase my productivity when I return to work,” she remarked.

In order to provide space for Indonesia’s young generation to take a #FreshBreak and refresh themselves amidst their busy lives, FRESTEA created the #FreshBreak Zone which will take visitors on an immersive journey through various zones to experience the relaxing sensation of #FreshBreak.

The fruitful break journey starts from the Tension Zone, describing the feelings of stress that young people face in everyday life. The journey continues with the Sensorial Zone, where visitors can see, hear, touch and experience healing moments through an interactive installation.

Next is the Freshbreak Zone, where visitors can relieve their fatigue by moving freely. Followed by the Epic Immersive Zone which will take visitors to various fun destinations, and ending with the Fresh Games Zone where visitors can win various prizes through exciting games.

Apart from the #FreshBreak Zone from FRESTEA, visitors also have the opportunity to win thousands of prizes by scanning the QR code on the back of the FRESTEA bottle cap, where visitors can take part in online prize draws.

The main prizes are trips to Japan, Turkey, Morocco and Sumba, so that visitors can completely refresh themselves through a #FreshBreak holiday. The drawing period will be held until 30 November 2023 with winners announced on 6 October, 10 November and 8 December 2023. Winners will be announced via the Winner Announcement website or on the FRESTEA Indonesia Instagram account @frestea_id.

She added that through FRESTEA #FreshBreak Zone, we hope to provide a unique experience for Indonesia’s young generation and create a space for them to take a fruitful break. We want to continue to inspire young people to take advantage of their rest time amidst their busy daily routines, so that they can remain productive and feel fulfilled in their daily lives accompanied by perfectly refreshing FRESTEA.

“Come on, let’s take a break and try out the excitement of #FreshBreak Zone while taking part in a lucky draw with prizes from FRESTEA just by scanning the QR code on the back of the FRESTEA bottle cap,” Jessica concluded. []