INDONESIAN people are known for their deep connection to mystical experiences. Digital travel platform Agoda reveals interesting locations in the five most popular destinations in Indonesia based on booking data.

Each destination has various mystical places and urban legend stories. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, these places will certainly add a touch of excitement and mystery to your trip. There are 5 most visited domestic destinations according to Agoda: (1). Bali, (2). Jakarta, (3). Batam Island, (4). Lombok, (5). Yogyakarta.

Bali – Island of Ghosts and Legends
Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali not only offers natural beauty and rich culture. Apart from beaches and temples, this island also has a mystical side. From Tanah Lot, an ancient temple for worshiping the god Baruna protected by poisonous sea snakes, to the now abandoned Festival Park that attracts mystery lovers, Bali offers many mystical experiences for adventurers.

Other spooky destinations in Bali include the Klungkung Japanese Cave, a cave complex built by Japanese soldiers during World War II and said to be haunted by their spirits, and Oongan Dam, a dam built over a burial site and believed to be haunted by the spirits of the residents. local people are buried there, to Pi Bedugul, a luxury hotel that is abandoned and haunted to the point where it is often called The Ghost Palace or haunted hotel.

Jakarta – City with Magical Mysteries
Jakarta, the vibrant capital of Indonesia, apparently has several haunted places that attract thrill seekers and fans of the supernatural. One place that is known to be haunted is public burial place (TPU) Jeruk Purut, where there are stories about a headless priest who roams the cemetery at night holding his severed head.

Another place is Taman Langsat, which is said to be haunted by a kuntilanak (a female ghost with long black hair and a white dress). It is said that her eerie cries echo through the trees at night, and some people have even seen her magical figure in the shadows.

Then there’s Saidah Tower, once a bustling office building, now empty, with boarded-up windows and echoing hallways. Legend has it that this tower is haunted by a woman in a red dress who cries and walks around the corridors.

Another mysterious location is Toko Merah, a red building that witnessed tragic events during the Japanese occupation. People believe this place is haunted by the ghosts of Chinese people who were killed and buried within its walls.

Batam – The Island of Eerie Secrets
As a popular tourist destination, Batam also has several haunted places inhabited by spirits. Mata Cat Tourist Forest, which is famous for its unique rock formations, is said to be a place where genies and spirits move. Visitors report strange noises, supernatural apparitions and scary experiences in the forest, with claims of strange touches and scratches.

Meanwhile, Sei Ladi, a small lake in a dense forest, is believed to be a gathering place for lost spirits, some of whom are said to have been thrown into the lake as corpses. The Barelang Bridge, a series of six bridges that connects Batam with several other islands, is a place that has witnessed various accidents, and some people believe there is a supernatural presence around the bridge.

Lombok – Mystical Paradise
Lombok, Indonesia’s hidden gem, is famous for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, friendly people and mystical legends. One of the most popular mystical stories involves Besari Village, a mysterious village in North Lombok that is said to have mysteriously disappeared at the end of the 17th century.

Some people believe that the village moved into a spiritual realm, while others think that the village was destroyed and its inhabitants perished. Currently, Genggelang Village, which is believed to be close to Besari Village, is a popular tourist destination for those interested in supernatural things.

Another mystical destination in Lombok is Gunung Wayang Island, which is believed to be inhabited by spirits and other supernatural creatures. Visitors must ask permission from local traditional leaders before visiting this island, because it is said that anyone who visits without permission will suffer bad luck or even death.

Yogyakarta – The Realm of Spirits and Shadows
Yogyakarta, a special region in Central Java, Indonesia, is famous for its rich culture, history and mystical heritage. Selarong Cave, for example, is said to be home to a gamelan orchestra that can only be heard on Tuesday Kliwon night, a sacred night in Javanese culture when the spirits of ancestors are most active. Jelajahi Destinasi Mistis di Lima Destinasi Terpopuler di Indonesia

Then Fort Vredeburg, which is located not far from Jalan Malioboro, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Dutch woman riding a horse and a group of headless soldiers. Visitors to the fort report seeing these supernatural figures lining the fort area at night.

Mount Merapi, an active volcano located near Yogyakarta, also has mystical significance. According to local legend, there is a magical market on the slopes of the volcano, where buying and selling transactions are carried out not by humans, but by supernatural beings.

There is also the Plunyon Kalikuning Bridge, which was once a beautiful natural tourist spot, has now become a haunted tourist destination in Yogyakarta. It is said that this place is home to various kinds of ghosts and other supernatural creatures, including those depicted in the horror film ‘KKN in Penari Village’. [sources/photo special]