THE JAKARTA-Bandung Fast Train, Whoosh, broke a record, with 21,312 passengers on Sunday (11/12), 2023, through operation of 36 schedules comprising 28 regular trips and eight additional trips, PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC) stated.

According to KCIC General Manager Corporate Secretary, Eva Chairunisa, noted in a statement on Monday (11/13), 2023 that this figure was the highest during Whoosh’s operation since October 2023. Earlier, the highest passenger count was reported on November 11, at 20 thousand, while 18 thousand passengers were recorded on November 4.

She explained that as compared to last week, the number of passengers had increased by 18 percent, or 3,259. The number of trips increased by 12 percent, from 32 trips on November 4 to 36 trips on Saturday (November 11).

“The increase in the number of passengers is in line with the increase in the number of trips on weekends. The Whoosh fast train has become the public’s choice to travel from Bandung to Jakarta and vice versa,” Chairunisa remarked.

According to Chairunisa, the 21,312 Whoosh passengers on Sunday comprised 19,929 passengers of the premium economy class, 886 business class passengers, and 497 passengers of first class.

She stated that the average occupancy for each trip had reached 98.5%. Meanwhile, for certain schedules, the occupancy reaches 100%. Seeing the high demand for this train, KCIC also periodically conducts evaluations, especially regarding the schedule and number of train trips.

“We are happy with the high demand of Whoosh fast train. We hope in future, the number will remain, and more people will use this train,” she remarked.

The Whoosh fast train is the first fast train service in Indonesia and Southeast Asia that operates at speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour. The Whoosh Fast Train has a 142.3-km-long track, with 13 tunnels, and stops at four stations: Halim, Karawang, Padalarang, and Tegalluar. [antaranews]