DID you know, there is a city in Europe where the price of a pint (about 0.5 liters) of beer is cheaper than the same amount of water. The city is Debrecen, a city in northern Hungary. A pint of beer there costs only 92p or around IDR18,000, which is the cheapest in Europe.

Yet the city is not actually known for its pubs but is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hortobagy National Park, north of the city centre, is a vast area of plains and wetlands, and is home to a number of unique wildlife. Lucky visitors will see buffalo, cows and horses, ridden by traditional herders known as Csikós.

If Hungary isn’t your thing, research from travel comparison site dealchecker has revealed some other places to buy cheap drinks. Tenerife is already popular with tourists, and the town of Puerto de la Cruz is expected to receive even more visitors, as they came in second place, with a beer costing just £1.60 or around IDR30,000.

Next is another popular destination. In Faro in Portugal, a beer costs just £2 or around IDR38,000. Next is the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Located in the north of the country, a pint there costs 2.5 pounds sterling or IDR48,000.

Numbeo’s online database survey has also shown places selling beer at cheap prices. One of the economical places is Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. This city with Soviet-style architecture has many affordable pubs with an average beer price of only 1.3 pounds sterling or around IDR25,000.

Szczecin in Poland may not be as popular as other cities in the country, such as Krakow, Wroclaw, or Gdansk, but its cheap drinks may be enough to appeal to some people. Next there is Presov in Slovakia, where a pint of beer costs around IDR25,000 on average too. [sources/photo special]