INDONESIAN President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) invited business people at the APEC CEO Summit, San Francisco, United States (US), to be more aggressive and quickly take advantage of investment opportunities in Indonesia.

“This is the right time to invest in Indonesia and I hope that you can take advantage of this opportunity more aggressively and more quickly,” said Jokowi at the APEC CEO Summit, San Francisco, USA, as witnessed by broadcasts uploaded by the Presidential Secretariat monitored in Jakarta, Friday (11/17), 2023 morning.

Jokowi said that Indonesia is the right and promising choice for investors to invest. This is because Indonesia’s economic growth is predicted to grow well as well as a number of abundant economic potentials in the country.

“The IMF predicts that Indonesia’s economy will grow by 5% in 2023 and in 2024 it is estimated at 5.1%. “Apart from having great potential, starting from natural resources to human resources, Jokowi believes that Indonesia also has a strong commitment to creating a conducive and competitive investment climate,” he said.

For this reason, Jokowi stated that Indonesia has a number of priority sectors that can become investment opportunities for investors, such as downstream industry. As the country with the largest nickel reserves, Indonesia is building an integrated electric vehicle ecosystem, with a target of producing 600 thousand electric cars by 2030.

“Various incentives and facilities have been prepared and I hope that APEC business people can take a big part in this sector,” he noted.

Another sector that is a priority for Indonesia is the energy transition. Jokowi said that currently Indonesia has a new renewable energy (EBT) potential of 3,600 gigawatts and is also building a Green Industrial Park covering an area of 30 thousand hectares.

“Where to develop it, investment is needed, knowledge is needed, the latest technology is needed to produce added value while improving the welfare of society in a sustainable manner,” he remarked.

The next thing that is Indonesia’s priority is the development of an Indonesian Capital City (IKN) which was built with the concept of a forest and nature-based smart city. IKN also has open investment potential in a number of sectors.

“(IKN has) 70% green areas, 80% open green energy-based public transportation in various sectors, infrastructure, transportation, technology, education, energy, finance, tourism, health and housing,” concluded the President. [antaranews]