TOURISM trends continue to develop every year. Most recently, according to data from the 2023/2024 Tourism and Creative Economy Outlook, holidays while healing have become one of the most popular tourism trends. In fact, traveling while healing is predicted to become a holiday trend that will have a good impact on the development of the tourism sector in Indonesia.

Traveling while healing is not just a holiday and having fun. But also carry out tourist activities that focus on well-being. So, it is hoped that it can help relieve stress from busy daily work, while improving the quality of life.

Apart from vacationing with friends or family, you can try traveling solo while healing. No need to worry, because there are many choices of tourist destinations that are suitable as a destination to “escape” for a few days.

Here are 5 tourist destinations for solo traveling while anti-mainstream healing that could be your holiday destination:
Kintamani, Bali
Apart from going to Ubud, you can travel solo while healing in Kintamani. The presence of a calming natural atmosphere and typical Balinese settlements makes holiday activities in Kintamani feel more serene.

There are many activities you can do while traveling solo in Kintamani. One of them starts the day by watching the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. After that, you can visit Lake Batur.

We can rent a boat to explore corners of the lake in peace. In fact, there’s no harm in stopping by Ulun Danu Temple which is located on the shores of Lake Batur. It is said that many tourists are looking for tranquility in this temple, friend!

Rejowinangun Tourism Village, Yogyakarta
If holidays to the Malioboro area of Yogyakarta are a habit, occasionally try traveling solo to the Rejowinangun Tourism Village for a holiday and healing. In this tourist village, Parekraf friends have the opportunity to get to know the culture and traditions of making herbal medicine which have been carried out for generations by the local community.

Rejowinangun Tourism Village has a Herbal Cluster which is synonymous with “jamu”. All the herbs served are made from home-grown spices and have a distinctive aroma. After you are satisfied with tasting herbal medicine in the Rejowinangun Tourism Village, you can explore the arts and culture, crafts and culinary delights that are no less amazing in this tourist village.

Tawangmangu, Central Java
It turns out that Tawangmangu is also known as a solo traveling tourist destination which is suitable for healing. Not only do you sit back and relax while enjoying the view of the rice fields and cool air in the Mount Lawu area, you can heal in Tawangmangu by visiting Rumah Atsiri.

Rumah Atsiri is filled with various types of beautiful colorful flowers. Apart from seeing the beauty of flowers, Parekraf friends can visit the essential oil museum to learn about the history of essential oils which are a typical Tawangmangu creative economy product. In fact, you have the opportunity to make various natural body care products yourself!

Labuan Bajo, NTT
As one of the Super Priority Destinations (DSP), Labuan Bajo is also on the list of tourist destinations suitable for solo traveling while healing, which is interesting to explore. One of them is by stopping by the Wae Rebo Traditional Village. Even though you have to trek for 3-4 hours from Denge Village, the natural and cultural beauty that is still very well preserved in Wae Rebo Village will not disappoint.

Here, you can live side by side, even stay overnight, in one of the seven 7 traditional Mbaru Niang houses. We can enjoy the beautiful views, while learning to weave and seeing well-preserved traditional cultural performances.

Kolorai Island, North Maluku
Offering fantastic natural beauty, it makes sense that Kolorai Island in North Maluku is one of the most popular tourist destinations for solo travelers. Not just looking at mountains, Kolorai Island offers healing activities while snorkeling to explore the underwater beauty typical of the Maluku Islands.

Apart from seeing lots of coral reefs and hundreds of beautiful ornamental fish, you also have the opportunity to discover historical relics from World War 2. If you want something even more exciting, try swimming with a flock of black tip sharks at Mitita Shark Point. So, where are you ready to travel solo? []