FOR THE first time, Himpunan Anak Media (HAM) or Media Crew’s Association celebrated its 16th anniversary in collaboration with the spa and wellness industry. On this anniversary, HAM collaborates with Alaya Spa which continues to grow in the tourism and hospitality industry.

In conjunction with its 16th anniversary with the theme ‘Konco Lawas’ (Old Friends), HAM has now transformed from being a national media community to become a foundation.

According to Wahyu Indrasto, Trustee of the HAM (Media Crew’s Association), when announcing the transformation into a foundation at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, last Thursday, November 23, said that by becoming a foundation as a legal entity, this makes work partners more comfortable and has clearer directions.

“A foundation that prioritizes the welfare of its members will be beneficial for business travel, work and holding events with other collaborating parties thanks to its clear legal status,” he said.

Meanwhile, Arief Suharto, Chair of the HAM, welcomed this strategic step, considering that HAM is a media community whose existence is really needed by all stakeholders or other more plural corporations. Because the legal basis is clearer.

Regarding the celebration of the 16th anniversary of HAM, which had the theme ‘Konco Lawas’, he explained that he wanted to gather old stakeholders who were no longer connected with HAM (Media Crew’s Association).

“We invited more than 200 stakeholders and media to meet again and update each other with information. I think this is a good step to partner again with human rights,” he explained.

Likewise, Shalfi Andri, Chief HAM Advisor, added that considering the many requests from stakeholders and the media who had been without communication for a long time, it was decided that this year’s HAM anniversary celebration would be held in Jakarta.

“In the last three years, or to be precise, during the pandemic, HAM has always held its anniversaries outside the region (Jakarta) because it carries a mission to restore the tourism sector. So, this year is the time to consolidate again with stakeholders in Jakarta,” he continued.

Furthermore Andhy Irawan, Founder of the Media Crew’s Association (HAM), explained that the impact of HAM on stakeholders is clearly felt, especially from the tourism and hospitality industry. []