THE INDONESIAN Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy explained that it is currently preparing the implementation of blue, green and circular economy in the tourism & creative economy (Parekraf) sector to accelerate the development of 5 DPSPs. Because this is one of the future strategies that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is developing to differentiate Indonesian tourism destinations.

According to the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Angela Tanoesoedibjo, in a meeting held at the Golo Mori Convention Center, Wednesday (12/06), 2023, said that the blue, green and circular economy has great potential and benefits for sustainable global economic development. Its implementation can create millions of new jobs and economic growth.

Angela explained the acceleration steps that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has taken in implementing blue, green and circular economy principles in the tourism and creative economy sectors, including the preparation of the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI) document which contains elements of sustainable tourism, CHSE/K3 and inclusivity.

“So, the hope is that this can become a standard for the tourism sector in Indonesia. Apart from that, the Ministry is also holding training and increasing the capacity of parekraf human resources; carrying out campaigns such as implementing BGCE principles in tourism events with renewable and sustainable themes; collaborate between stakeholders; and giving appreciation such as the Green Hotel Award, and ADWI with the Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment Sustainability Assessment Category.

Furthermore, Angela also explained increasing tourism inclusiveness through developing creative entrepreneurship in tourist villages. The development and achievements of tourist villages in the 5 DPSPs that have been registered with Jadesta are 171 villages in the Lake Toba DPSP, 440 villages in the Borobudur DPSP, 97 villages in the Labuan Bajo DPSP, 232 villages in the Mandalika DPSP, and 43 villages in the Likupang DPSP.

“Our tourist villages, namely Nglanggeran Village, in 2021 and Penglipuran Village in 2023 received appreciation as Best Tourism Villages by beating candidates from more than 60 other countries. “There are also 3 selected tourist villages, namely Dewi Bilibante, Dewi Pela, and Dewi Taro as part of the 20 UNWTO Upgrade Program 2023 villages,” said Angela.

The Ministry of Tourism also collaborates with Dr. Soetomo (Unitomo) launched the first Village Tourism School (Sepada) in Indonesia as a commitment to increasing resources in tourist villages.

“Recently we also launched, in collaboration with Dr. University. Soetomo (Unitomo), there is a new major for undergraduate tourism in tourist villages, so hopefully there will be a graduate from the tourist village who can help and be a leader,” concluded Angela. []