THE AIRLINE from the United Arab Emirates, Emirates, has introduced more than 300 vegan menus for its customers since demand for plant-based food has increased.

In a press release in Jakarta, recently, Emirates will serve more than 300 vegan menus in 2023 alternately at 140 flight destinations. This number has increased from the previous 180 menus in 2022.

According to Emirates records, consumption of vegan food increased by 40 percent from year to year because passenger volumes also increased. Demand for vegan food on flights in the Southeast Asia region increased by 5 percent, while the Middle East jumped by 34 percent.

Emirates also recorded an increase in vegan meals for flights in the African region, namely 5 percent. Meanwhile, significant increases occurred on routes to China, Japan and the Philippines.

Of the various flight classes offered by Emirates, the largest increase in vegetarian food consumption came from economy class. Later this year they plan to add vegan main dishes, light dishes such as vegan pizza and desserts including raspberry tonka cake.

In economy class, the airline offers chickpea crepes, pumpkin frittata, tofu tikka masala and chickpea kale stew, among others. The vegan menu also includes desserts, such as coconut mousse with mango sauce, banana cake with chocolate crumb and chocolate pudding.

For the premium economy class, plant-based meals on offer include basmati rice with jackfruit curry, chestnut pumpkin stew, tofu cheesecake and raspberry parfait with orange sauce.

Emirates curates’ vegan meals for business class, such as roasted cauliflower with ancient grains, caramelized pear, lovage pesto and tofu and shiitake mushroom prawns. After a hearty meal, consumers will be treated to a tropical pineapple coconut cake.

Consumers who sit in first class can get polenta cake with mushroom ragu, sautéed spinach; grilled rice with curry eggplant and turmeric potatoes and a little coconut and mint chutney.

Luxurious desserts are also offered to first class passengers, such as rhubarb with strawberry charlotte, Chantilly cream, raspberry tuille and chocolate fondant drizzled with salted caramel sauce and whipped cashew cream. [sources/photo special]