SAUDI ARABIA won the second highest rank globally in increasing the growth of tourism per three first quarter 2023. The growth of international tourist arrivals rose 56% compared to before Pandemi. This country is also considered to lead economic growth and improvement among countries in the Middle East.

This increase occurred in line with the steps of Saudi Arabia to develop a number of world -class tourist destinations. This is done to transform the economy of Saudi Arabia to reduce dependence on oil, diversify income sources, and increase competitiveness through digital renewal.

The diversification strategy itself is realized by Saudi Arabia by focusing the development and promotion of digital tourist destinations that have been seeded such as Al Ula which is known through its history, the location of the birth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the city of Yanbu which combines natural beauty with technological advances, as well as abha place Asir National Park that presents extraordinary natural beauty.

Saudi Arabia is also developing a futuristic city called Neom. The ambitious project will also include several tourist attractions, including luxury resorts. In addition, there is the Six Flags Qiddiya amusement project, near Riyadh, which will be the fastest and highest Bagui Roller Coaster home in the Falcon’s Flight world.

In addition to the four featured destinations, here are some other tourist destinations that are also worthy of visiting when visiting there:

1. Heet Cave, Riyadh
For adventure lovers, Heet Cave or Heet Cave located near Mount Al Jubayl is the right tourist destination. The newly discovered limestone cave accidentally 13 decades ago this is the right place for tourists who like to capture the moment because of the beauty of the structure and location that turns his back to the Wadi Al Sulay valley.

In addition, one of the attractions of this cave is the presence of a small dark green lake due to natural minerals. If lucky, tourists can also have the opportunity to see the unique cave fauna that moves by relying on touch or vibration due to difficulty seeing or listening.

2. The Dammam Corniche, Dammam
The sunset on the coast of the blue waters of the Persian bay while accompanied by the breeze of the wind that brought the scent of coffee from the nearest cafe and the laughter of the children who came to play the beach sand. This experience can make the heart comfortable, and this is the experience offered by Taman The Dammam Corniche, famous as a garden with a large grass that is close to the beach.

Not only providing hotels, for tourists who want to spend the night while staying together with nature can set up tents and enjoy barbecue along the beach. This place also offers cultural diversity given its location not far from Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Iran.

3. Al Sallal Theme Park, Jeddah
Al Shalal Theme Park is the largest playground in the Middle East, located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, near the city of Al-Khobar. Tourists who like to look for adrenaline can freely try 40 play rides scattered in the playground with a total area of 54,000 square-meter, including roller coasters, water rides, and magic carpet rides.

Tourists who come with his family can still have fun together because this park is designed for all ages and can accommodate up to 16,000 visitors.

4. Al-Rashid Mall, Dammam
Not yet afdhol it feels like traveling without shopping there. Al-Rashid Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Saudi Arabia which has more than 140 quality shops in it. Not only foreign tourists, local residents also enjoy the time spent with relatives and families in this famous shopping center.

Don’t be afraid to ask, shopping at Al-Rashid Mall can be the right time to prove the hospitality of Saudi Arabians against migrants.

5. Edge of the World, Riyadh
One more tourist destination that is suitable for nature lovers and connoisseurs of adventure that pumps adrenaline, edge of the world. The tourist spot located on Jalan Al-Khobar brings tourists to enjoy the nature from the top of the cliff facing the open valley.

This location is also suitable for tourists who want to meditate and eliminate for a moment all the burden of the mind by breathing free from a height of 300-meter while enjoying the amazing view in the form of a champion of the horizon.

If you come in the month of Ramadan, tourists can enjoy the appearance of ethnic groups that gather and dance traditional Saudi Arabia. Appearance that can be a very lifetime experience is called Ramadan Dabke Showcase. [ special]