THE RESULTS of a RedDoorz Indonesia survey conducted at the end of December 2023 to mid-January 2024 found that more Indonesian tourists from the Gen-Z and Millennials groups decided to go on holiday for the purpose of healing from stress (67%). Meanwhile tourists from the Gen-X group vacation because they want to get more quality time with their family (57%).

RedDoorz conducted a survey to determine the behavior of Indonesian tourists on vacation throughout 2023. This survey involved respondents from the Gen-Z and Millennials groups (aged 14-42 years) and the Gen-X group (aged 43-50 years) who are RedDoorz customers. Apart from differing in their reasons for vacationing, these two groups of tourists apparently have different behavior in looking for sources of holiday reference and inspiration.

Gen-Z and Millennials groups of tourists prefer to find holiday inspiration directly by opening social media (73%). Meanwhile, the Gen-X tourist group still enjoys looking for sources of holiday inspiration via Google. For choosing holiday destinations, Yogyakarta & Bandung are the most favorite destinations throughout 2023 chosen by these three groups of tourists.

In terms of choosing moments or times for holidays, these three groups of tourists apparently prefer to spend their holidays at three important moments, such as holiday holidays with Christmas and New Year (40%), school holidays (38%), and Idul Fitri holidays. Fitri (37%). And, the average amount of time spent on vacation for Gen-Z and Millennials is three days, while Gen-X tends to spend longer on vacation, up to seven days.

Another interesting finding is that Indonesian tourists from the Gen-Z and Millennials groups prefer to plan holidays spontaneously or suddenly (41%). Meanwhile, Gen-X tourists still plan their holidays several months in advance (29%).

“The behavior of Gen-Z and Millennial tourists who plan holidays spontaneously then influences their habits when it comes to booking hotel rooms. This can be seen from the high number of tourists who book RedDoorz and multi-brand hotels from D-1 to the same day of their stay,” said Cut Nany, Head of Integrated Communications at RedDoorz.

RedDoorz, as the leading hospitality technology platform in Southeast Asia, has been trusted as the favorite budget hotel for tourists in Indonesia. According to the survey results, apart from affordable prices, tourists’ considerations in choosing RedDoorz and multi-brand hotels are due to the ease of the booking and check-in process, strategic location and hotel comfort & cleanliness.

More people book directly than via OTA
From the survey results, it is known that more RedDoorz hotel guests make direct bookings via the RedDoorz website and application (60%) than via Online Travel Agent (33%). “This is influenced by the technology on the RedDoorz website and booking application which is user-friendly and easy to use,” explained Cut Nany.

Meanwhile, in terms of multi-brand hotel choices, two premium budget RedDoorz hotels, namely UrbanView and SANS Hotel, are increasingly becoming tourists’ favorite accommodation choices during the holidays. These two multi-brands are widely available in various cities in Indonesia.

“Even though budget hotels are still the choice of many tourists in general, millennials also have more varied holiday accommodation preferences, from budget hotels to villas. Currently, The Lavana, which is a villa brand from RedDoorz, is widely available in Bali and Central Java,” said Cut Nany.

Apart from UrbanView and SANS Hotel, RedDoorz also has several other multi-brand hotels. Namely Sunnera Hotel, RedPartner, RedDoorz Syariah, RedLiving, Koolkost, and The Lavana which are luxury hotels and villas that have room rental prices of up to IDR10 million per night. [sources/photo special]