QUBA Ramadan Pop-Up Resto is back to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan 2024 with the concept of ‘Come to QUBA, The Kingdom of Quba an Iftar Culinary Heaven’ or the kingdom and paradise for breaking the fast, at Sutasoma Hotel & The Tribrata Darmawangsa.

According to Ferri Irawan, General Manager of Sutasoma Hotel & The Tribrata Darmawangsa Jakarta during the Media Press Conference, Friday evening (03/01) 2024, said that since its arrival in 2019, QUBA, which is very popular and viral in Jakarta, has always been present with an out of the box to enjoy a variety of delicious and special specialties (all you can eat) in a unique atmosphere that always provides a lasting impression and experience for all guests present, whether together with friends, family or co-workers.

“Specially in its 6th year, QUBA is back with a unique concept where the architecture of the very majestic and dignified royal buildings in the old city in the Middle East is the main concept adopted to provide a new experience when breaking the fast at QUBA Ramadan Pop-up Resto,” he said.

He explained that there were more than 70 menu choices of the best and most popular dishes from various regions in Indonesia: starting from Assorted Kolak, Assorted Porridge, Wedang Kembang Tahu, Ice Mix, Avocado Shake, Grontol Corn, Pecel Senayan, Assorted Rice and Fried Noodles, Sate Chicken, Goat Satay to Betawi Asinan, and Middle Eastern such as: Falafel, Baba Ghanoush Whole Goat Guling, Ribs Merapi, Shish Kebab, Shish Tawook, Lamb Ouzi, Turkish Lentil Soup Nasi Mandhi, Nasi Kabsah and Nasi Kebuli, can be enjoyed during the holy month Ramadan starts March 11-April 9 2024.

“At ‘QUBA Ramadan Pop-Up Resto The Kingdom of Quba ‘An Iftar Culinary Heaven’, the Kingdom and Heaven for breaking the fast is located on The Aria Ballroom & Terrace 2nd floor (has an indoor & outdoor space concept) in The Tribrata Darmawangsa complex, Jakarta “open every day from 17.00-21.00 with a price of IDR348,000 nett/person,” he said.

Likewise, the Executive Chef of the Hotel, Syaiful Bahri, explained that this year’s concept we are focusing on Middle East and authentic Indonesian (menu). And Indonesian food is almost extinct, for example there is corn grontol, and then there is clover pecel. That the percentage of Middle Eastern menus at this year’s event is almost 40 percent. We use it to make it more varied.

“There are indoor and outdoor spaces that can be explored. So, indoor menus are dominated by Middle Eastern menus, including Shish Tawook, Shish Kebab, Mandi, Baba Ghanouj, Quzi, Fattoush Salad, and Umm Ali. Meanwhile, on the outdoor side there are several popular Indonesian snacks and dishes, including various satays, various fried foods, Mi Bakso Gepeng, and Lapsur Bakar which are forms of Indonesian food creations. Lapsur Bakar is grilled Surabaya layer, then sprinkled with cheese, chocolate, and eaten. So, the sensation of the burnt aroma is just as sweet,” Syaiful Bahri noted.

Meanwhile, Reynold Octaviano, Director of Brand & Marketing Communications at the hotel, said that apart from QUBA Ramadan Pop Up Resto, we are also offering a special offer ‘A Wondrous of Ramadan Package’ starting from IDR1,688,000 nett including one night’s stay in the Deluxe room type, Sahur/Breakfast for 2 people at ATMAN lounge, Break the fast for 2 people at ‘The Kingdom of Quba ‘An Iftar Culinary Heaven’.

“Apart from that, use the fitness facilities, swimming pool and WiFi internet connection (valid from 11 March-9 April 2024. Let’s welcome and celebrate the excitement of the holy month of Ramadhan this year with Sutasoma Hotel & The Tribrata Darmawangsa Jakarta,” he concluded. []