THE INDONESIAN Immigration Directorate General of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights revealed that singer Ed Sheeran is using the latest visa “Music Performer Visa”.

“This visa is specifically for musicians and their crew who want to carry out music performance activities in Indonesia. “This policy is expected to support Indonesia to become a destination country for international events to be reckoned with,” said the Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, in a press release received in Jakarta, Sunday (03/03), 2024.

The Music Performer Visa is a breakthrough from the Directorate General of Immigration to make it easier to permit foreign musicians to perform concerts in Indonesia.

Silmy said that the C7A index electronic visa requirements were more concise than before, making it easier for the two “Thinking Out Loud” singers to arrive in Indonesia. To get this visa, international artists no longer need to attach a labor permit, a Police Record Certificate (SKCK) or a certificate of at least five years of work experience.

The requirements for foreign artists were simplified because they were only active for a short time in Indonesia and were not competitors of local musicians.

This visa, which is included in the “single entry” or single-entry category, is valid for 60 days and can be applied for via the official website with sponsors such as concert organizers, music promoters, or other related parties.

The Music Performer Visa for Ed Sheeran is not the first time it has been issued to an international artist. This type of visa, which was officially launched on September 14 2023, was previously used by the music group Coldplay in November 2023, the K-Pop group Twice in December 2023 and the Jonas Brothers in February 2024.

In detail, there were 85 visas issued for Ed Sheeran’s music concerts, consisting of 11 Music Performer Visas (including for Callum Scott and musical instrument players) and 74 Music Performer’s Crew Visas (index C7B).

“With immigration policies that make it easier to organize international events, we hope to advance music tourism in Indonesia. If we can become a favorite destination for international concert events, it will also have an impact on increasing foreign tourists which will have an impact on the country’s foreign exchange,” concluded Silmy. [antaranews]