THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy collaborates with PT. KAI/KA Wisata and ASTINDO present the ‘Bundling Tour Packages with Train’ program to welcome the momentum of the Eid holiday while realizing the target of domestic tourist movement of 1.5 billion in 2024.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, in ‘The Weekly Press Briefing’ in Jakarta, Monday (03/18), 2024, said I would like to express my gratitude for the full support of PT. KAI/KA Wisata and ASTINDO towards the recovery and revival of the tourism and creative sector.

“The President has given directions regarding the implementation of the national movement Proud to Travel in Indonesia (BBWI) program to increase the number of domestic tourist trips. The target this year is to reach 1.5 billion domestic tourist movements,” said Sandiaga.

Through this initiative, Sandiaga hopes that more and more domestic tourists will be interested and start planning their tours during the Eid holiday with KAI and travel agents.

“With the promotions and tour packages offered, it is hoped that it can help improve the experience and deep impression for domestic tourists,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the Director of Marketing Pariwisata Nusantara, Dwi Marhen Yono, revealed that data from the Ministry of Transportation in 2022 after the pandemic will see as many as 85.5 million people returning home for Eid. Then this figure will increase to 123.8 million people in 2023. And in 2024 it is projected to increase to 56%, or the equivalent of 193.6 million movements.

“If we move this 193.6 million optimally, of course there will be potential for large economic movements. That’s why recently we gathered 15 Heads of Tourism Services that pass by trains on the island of Java, to seize this opportunity to become a tourist package so that people don’t just stay at home but can move around to travel,” Marhen remarked.

Likewise, the Commercial Director of PT Kereta Api Indonesia, Hadis Surya Palapa, explained that in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and ASTINDO there are two derivative programs from ‘Bundling Tour Packages with Trains’ namely Nyok Mudik to Jakarta Aje and Wisata Senin-Kamis.

“For Nyok Mudik to Jakarta Aje, there are around 20 routes to Jakarta that can be used by prospective tourists, which are packaged with attractive tour packages including accommodation, culinary delights and tourist attractions. We are giving discounts for trains of up to 30% and are valid during the Eid holidays,” he pointed out.

Hadis explained, while the Wisata Senin-Kamis program offers train tickets with attractive discounts for various destinations every Monday to Thursday departure, specifically for travel agents who bundle their services using trains.

“We also offer promo tickets up to 30% and this is valid until after Eid. And the promo is only available on Mondays and Thursdays,” he noted.

Apart from the collaboration program, PT. KAI also presents an independently managed Ramadan Festive program. Taking place on March 20-21, 2024, KAI provides 38,000 seats with rates for executive class costing IDR300,000, business class IDR250,000, while economy class IDR200,000 with a validity period during the Eid momentum.

Especially on March 21 2024, there will be an attractive offer in the form of a one-hour flash sale for travelers. Where KAI offers super cheap train tickets for only IDR150,000 for executive class to any destination.

“Of course, by providing the opportunity for very attractive rates, safety remains a priority for us. Also, service, quality of travel and experience are a concern for us,” he said.

Likewise, the General Chairperson of ASTINDO, Pauline Suharno, said that if KAI provides modes of transportation to support the movement of domestic tourists, ASTINDO acts as a provider of thematic tourism packages in the regions.

“We are making packages where people can travel from Nganjuk, Blitar, Kebumen, where these cities are not reached by airports. So, they can just vacation in Jakarta with promotional prices for hotel discounts, attraction discounts and train ticket discounts,” said Pauline.

This tour package, she continued that will not only stop in Jakarta, but later there will be other tour package variants from the collaboration between ASTINDO and Indonesian Railways.

For further information regarding this bundling promo, please contact the call center at 121; WhatsApp 08111-2111-121; email; and KAI121 social media. []